Business Studies Project on Stock Exchange

30 Days observation: We provide 30 days stock market observation by default,you can get it increased and decreased as per your requirements.
Complete coverage of stock market: Our Project material will contain complete 30 days coverage of stock market on 5 companies.
Full of Diagrams and Charts: Our project material will be full of diagrams and charts to make your project attractive.

Based on CBSE Guidelines: Our Project material covers complete CBSE guidelines.


Project Size: 40-45 pages

Our Business Studies Project on Stock Exchange includes

  1. Certificate
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Index
  4. Introduction
  5. A brief report on History of Stock Exchanges in India
  6. A  list of  25 companies listed on a Stock Exchange.
  7. An imaginary portfolio to tallying a sum of Rs 50,000 equally  in any of the 5 companies of their choice listed above
  8. Graphical presentation of the share prices of  different companies on different dates
  9. Identifying the causes in the fluctuations of prices
  10. Change in market value of shares due to change of seasons,festivals,natural and human disasters
  11. Change in market value of shares due to change in political environment/policies of various countries/crisis in developed countries or any other reasons
  12.  Identification the top ten companies out of the 25 selected on the basis of their market value of shares
  13. Conclusion

If you require anything else, feel free to contact us.


Q.)  How can i get the no observation days increased or decreased ?

Ans By default if nothing is specified we provide project material on 30 days observation. however you might want it for less or more days. You can contact our team or specify this in additional details column while making the payment.

Q.) What if someone else in the class have already got the project material from you ?

As per our policy we do not provide same project material 2 students of same school.In case we have already provided someone else in your school with our project material , we will change your project material content to the extent that even you will not be able to recognise that both the material are given by us. You do not need to do anything for this. Our team specialises in making project material and providing unique projects is our top priority.

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