United Fare Class Chart

*Global Premier Upgrades are not available on flights booked in fare classesZ, P, S, T, K, L, G or N.
**Co-pay is waived for Premier members

SaverPass Award Seats O - SaverPass 3-cabin First Award IN - Elite (Plat/1K/GS) SaverPass Business or 2-cabin First Award I - Non-Elite and Low Elite SaverPass Business or 2-cabin First Award XN - Elite SaverPass Coach Award

X - Non-Elite SaverPass Coach Award

EasyPass Award Seats FN - EasyPass 3-cabin First Award JN - Elite/CC EasyPass Business or 2-cabin First Award ZN - Non-Elite EasyPass Business or 2-cabin First Award (tracks to the Z bucket) YN - Elite/CC EasyPass Coach Award

HN - Non-Elite EasyPass Coach Award (tracks to the H bucket)

Upgrade Awards ON - C to F on 3-cabin aircraft JN - Y-Up for Elites (tracks to the J bucket; i.e. last seat availability) PN - B/M-Up for Elites (tracks to the P bucket); All GS upgrades Y->C (CPU, RPU, GPU, miles) R - Upgrade to Business/Domestic F (except GS) RN - This has recently been reported to be internal-use only, not elite upgrades. The reality of that report is not yet clear.

Points earning for all upgrades is based on the original purchased fare. Also see below.

Upgrades Note that upgraded flights will post to your MileagePlus statement as Z(X) where the second letter (X) is the original booking class. That letter defines the earning rate for the flight as points are earned based on the original booking class.

If you purchase a ticket on a flight that is marketed by United but operated by another airline (known as a code-share flight), the operating airline determines how many miles you earn for your flight. Note that the booking class that appears on your ticket may differ from the booking class that the operating airline uses to determine flight miles earned.

Pecking Order By Fare First class: F, A Business class: J, C, D, Z, P Coach class: Y, B,M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G, N

NOTE: Fare classes Z, P, S, T, L, K, G and N may only be upgraded on flights to select regions. See the upgrade regions chart for full details on upgrade eligibility and fare restrictions.

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Nikki says,"For the past 3 years, I have been able to purchase a business class (Z) upgrade from an S fare for TransAtlantic flights, The upgrade is offered at the at the time of check-in, (either online or at the counter domestically, and overseas at the ticket counter). The cost starts around $550 (but cannot use miles). Not sure if you'd like to annotae that, but just thought I'd contribute.

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