Entrepreneurs In Jamaica

Many Jamaicans are blessed with entrepreneurial determination, as we love to take advantage of any situation to make a quick dollar.

In true Jamaican style, we often ‘tun we han’ an mek fashion’ and find creative ways to make some money.

Here is a story that showcases the true spirit of our entrepreneurs:

When tropical storm Gustav roared through the island wreaking destruction in 2008, the average person may have focused on the problems it brought. However, the entrepreneurial-minded among us saw profitable opportunities.

The eastern side of Jamaica was cut off due to the collapse of the Harbour View Bridge, and a situation of crisis proportions ensued. Persons had no way to cross over the Hope River to get into the capital city Kingston for work, shopping, or medical emergencies.

Then, some enterprising folks seized the day and decided that they would transport the public with the only vehicles they had access to — their own bodies.

The pictures of determined men skillfully navigating the treacherous waters with people and goods carried on their backs were inspiring. Other entrepreneurs took the business to another level by supplying on-the-spot foot washing services.

Here were people who truly appreciated the free enterprise system. Without the benefit of business school or an MBA, they understood that the simple key to making money was to solve people’s problems.

If you’re an entrepreneur, make it your business to be the very best you can be. Learn and apply the essential principles of business success so that your enterprise will thrive. Take your venture to higher levels and aim to create generational wealth for your family.

For us to have a more prosperous nation, we need to create thousands of successful Jamaican business owners. 

EntrepreneursInJamaica.com is dedicated to fostering this development with articles and posts that showcase local businesses, provide advice and encouragement to new and established entrepreneurs, and raise awareness of the challenges that they face.

Here’s how we can all reward the efforts of our hard-working Jamaican entrepreneurs:

  • Buy goods that are Made In Jamaica, wherever possible
  • Search the Internet to find Jamaican products and services available online
  • Use social media to spread the word about new ideas from Jamaican innovators
  • Support the part-time ventures of people who are trying to earn extra funds
  • Give constructive feedback to help them improve their offerings

BIG UP to all Jamaican Entrepreneurs!

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