10 Internet Business Ideas That Make You Money Online

Turn one of our internet business ideas into a money making enterprise online or come up with your own business idea.

Often people who are thinking about making money online, think about selling products.

Internet Business Ideas

Their first internet business idea is to sell something on eBay®or perhaps from their own website.

Rosalind Gardner made $436,797 in one year selling other people's stuff online. She reveals her secrets in the book The Super Affiliate Handbook. I wrote a review of that book and it is a must read.

While you can get rich online selling a product to consumers, it is far easier to sell a product or service to a business.

The business to business market is far larger than consumer sales online. Consumer sales online were $29 Billion in 2007 according to comScore, Inc. That was up 19% from the previous year. The business to business (B2B) market is five times greater than the consumer market.

The trouble with selling products online is that it takes time to build a website that gets traffic. It is even harder to sell to a consumer, especially if you do not know how to pre-sell them. SiteSell's FREE Net Writing Course eBook(new window) is the solution to that problem.

Still, it is far easier to sell a service or product to the business market. You can still use the skills you will learn in the Net Writing Course in promoting your service online.

Internet Business Ideas

Providing a service to businesses is the way to go if you want to make money online quickly. Products can be duplicated far easier than a personal service.

Your unique personality and skills will set you apart from the competition.

When thinking about what internet business ideas you could provide online, think about the services you have offered to your past employers, family, and friends.

If you have written marketing or technical manuals, these are great skills that can be sold online.

Website owners often have trouble writing effective articles for their websites. There is a large market for people who have the talent to research and write articles about numerous business and non-business topics.

Write business articles online and publish them on your own website. You can demonstrate your copy writing skills in your articles.

Your website visitors can contact you through an email online form about articles they would like you to write. These forms are easy to create when you use SiteSell's Site Build It. A novice can do it.

Writing sales pages for products is another area where a great copywriter can earn excellent money online. I once hired Dr. Kevin Nunley online to write a sales page to sell some software I wrote. I paid $180 for the service. To rewrite my home page, would cost me $299 at that time.

Another related internet business idea is to write effective classified ads. These classified text ads are placed in newsletters and e-zines published by thousands of website owners. I have paid a copywriter $35 per classified ad.

Newsletter writing is another home business opportunity where your writing skills can be put to use. It takes a lot of time to write a good newsletter. I know. I used to write a monthly newsletter a few years ago. It took too much of my time. Time is money, and it can be yours!

Yet, a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is one of the best ways for a website owner to keep in touch with their visitors. Newsletters may be fancy HTML pages, or just plain text.

My fifth internet business idea is resume writing. Job seekers often will pay a skillful copywriter to polish their resume. It can mean the difference between getting a job or not. You would need to rewrite a client's resume to put a positive spin on their skills. Demonstrate the results of each activity.

Another online business idea is to proof read client's articles. So often I have read website articles that have spelling errors and poor grammar. They need a proof reader service! Poor grammar and spelling errors discredit an otherwise good website.

If you don't have great copy writing skills, what other business service can you provide online? Remember, you can use the internet to find clients even if you provide your services at your place of business or at the customer's site.

Professionals, such as doctors and dentists, can find new patients by creating a website that attracts patients who need their services.

Likewise home builders and tradesmen can find new customers for their services online.

Are you an artist? Graphic artists are in great demand online. I once hired a graphic artist in Canada to create my company's logo.

Are you a photographer? You can sell your photos online to website owners and marketing people. There is always a need for good photos for websites and brochures. The pictures I use on this website come from a photo CD album I purchased online a few years ago. You could do the same.

Another internet business idea is to turn your photos into calendars. People buy calendars every year. Cafe Press (www.cafepress.com) is an online site where you can have your photos or graphics printed on calendars, t-shirts, mugs, etc. You can then sell your products online to businesses or consumers.

If you don't think you have a service you can offer online, who do you know that does? Offer to market their services online for a fee. Many small service businesses do not have a website.

I hope these internet business ideas spark a few ideas of your own. Selling a business service online is the fastest way to earn money online.

Don't know how to create a website to sell your services? Don't worry. It isn't hard at all. Many novices have used Site Build It! to sell their services online. (new window)

Your services can be sold, locally or long distance, online with a Site Build It website. You will learn how to create content that attracts free traffic online. You will learn how to pre-sell your visitors to get them to want to hire your services.

SiteSell is the only web hosting company who can help a novice create a website that ranks in the top 1% of all websites in the world. They did for me. They can for you too!

The secret to success online? Follow SiteSell's Action Guide. It works!

If building your own website intimidates you (it shouldn't), or you are just too busy to write a content rich website, then I recommend hiring a certified Site Build It! webmaster (new window) to create a service selling website for you. They will follow the SBI Action Guide to promote your services online correctly.

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