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"These are not just small business ideas, they are smart business'll learn a great deal from these words of wisdom." David Meerman Scott

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Do You Know What The Hottest NEW Small Business Ideas Are In The World Today?

Hi. My name is Terry Kyle. You may have seen me recently in Entrepreneur magazine and also featured in The Washington Post, on MSNBC and Fox Business News. That recent article about seasonal small business is on my Amazon blog below.

As a former advertising Creative Director and Copywriter who's worked for many years with a huge range of clients including Pepsi, Kellogg's, Thomas Cook, IBM and McDonald's, I love seeing aspiring entrepreneurs really flourish through brilliant business innovation. That's why I've spent the last year and a half of my life putting together this book for you. My girlfriend has only recently started talking to me again.


Q. How Exactly Will 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas From Around The World Benefit Me?

A. If you are thinking about starting your own business - even part-time while you have a normal 'day job' - the thorough research in this book will:

- SAVE you a lot of MONEY by showing you what new business ideas are working NOW rather than you wasting money on dated or untried concepts. Yes, pet rocks and sea monkeys are over. Or are they?

- SAVE you a lot of TIME by showing you tons of real world new small businesses, examining the pros and cons of each and giving you the details to look at their pricing and marketing tactics - for free!

- HELP you find a great new small business that best suits YOUR own personality and therefore build a more enjoyable lifestyle suited to Y-O-U. We're talking the F word here, FREEDOM!

- GIVE you loads of brilliant 'Guerrilla Marketing' know-how to market, advertise and sell either for no-cost or ridiculously low costs. Given that crippling overheads destroy many business start-ups, this detailed tactical information will give you the best possible chance of success.

- GET you on the road to living life on your own terms. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get there and if you follow the advice in this book, you have the best possible chance of making it. It won't be easy and you (probably) won't get rich overnight, but following these blueprints ALREADY WORKING from other successful entrepreneurs can make it happen.

Q. So How Many So-Called 'Big New Business Ideas' Are There In The Book?

A. Over 400 separate and explained new REAL business ideas are listed in the book. I've pasted in a couple of actual sample pages below to give you an idea of the format and style.

Q. OK Tough Guy, But Aren't These Just Vague 'Wishful Thinking' Kind Of Business Ideas?

A. Absolutely not. Sure, a great idea is pretty cool BUT a successfully executed new idea is worth much, much more. Why? As an entrepreneur myself, I know that a new idea that is ALREADY gaining traction and proving successful cuts YEARS off the development and implementation of that idea.

That is the whole point of 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas From Around The World.

By using this book, you can find a great new business idea or two TODAY that suits your personality and desired lifestyle, model yours on the ones in the book and save years of time and loads of money that has ALREADY been spent getting that new business idea running successfully. Neat, huh?

Q. What Is The Best New Business Idea In The Book?

A. I get asked this question an awful lot and my answer is usually this: the best new business idea in the world is that one suits YOUR individual personality and YOUR desired lifestyle.

For some people, running a new Indoor Skydiving Center would be heaven on earth (this is a brilliant business by the way and discussed in the book) though it may not suit others.

Though I recognize that they can be a terrific form of business, I personally don't want a new style of vending machine business - it just isn't me.

That's why I've included over 400 great new actual, REAL small businesses in the book - so that YOU can find the one or two that suit YOUR personality so that YOU can live life on YOUR terms.

Q. How Much Money Do These New Business Ideas Cost?

A. It varies enormously though I'm a 'Guerrilla Marketer' at heart and most of the businesses listed in the book have a very low financial downside AND can be set up in parallel to your current 'normal' job to make the transition to your own successful small business that much easier.

Here's the bottom line...

What if YOU could be among the FIRST entrepreneurs in YOUR local area to apply a brilliant NEW small business from ANOTHER part of the country or world?

Honestly ask yourself:

Will 2010 be just like 2008 for you?

Full of frustrating Small Business RESTLESSNESS?

Or is it time to ACT by INVESTING $20 in YOUR future now?

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