Choosing A Massage Therapy Business Name

Choosing a massage therapy business name can feel really overwhelming and at times impossible.  When I was starting out, it made sense for me to brand my own name and create a business around that.  I have been told throughout my entire life by many people that my name is catchy.  Because it’s short, simple and easy people always remember it.  I added massage therapy to the end and my business was finally born and became “Ann Ross Massage Therapy”.  name

On the other hand, when I opened my own actual business location, I chose the name “Urban Healing Arts Studio”.  I knew that I would have other self employed massage therapists utilizing the same space and I didn’t want my name to overshadow them.  Urban Healing Arts was the perfect name for my business and the professionalism I was looking to portray.

While there is some controversy in our industry regarding whether or not to use your name for your business because it, what some people say “lacks professionalism”, I believe you can be the judge of that yourself.  Every decision you make in business is yours to make.  Follow your intuition and things will always fall into place.

Here are 5 simple steps & ideas to consider when choosing a massage therapy business name.  The sooner you choose a name, the sooner you can get started on marketing yourself!

1. Think about what image you are trying to portray.

2.  What will potential customers think of when seeing your business name?

3.  Is there anything unique about the services you offer or the type of massage you provide

4.  Think about using the name of your city, town, or neighborhood in combination with your business name

5.  Use words like: Healing


Therapy/Therapeutic Wellness Bodywork Clinic/Center/Studio Rejuvenate/Restore Holistic

Once you come up with some great ideas write them all down and start combining different names, words and phrases to come up with the best massage therapy business name.  if you can at least narrow it down to 3, you can then ask around to friends, family and other massage therapists to get their opinion.

Another quick idea is to look around on the internet for other business names in the field of massage therapy.  Make a list of all of the words out there that people are using.  Again, use a combination method of different words and phrases to come up with some ideas.  Then, incorporate something unique to your talents, beliefs, ideas into your new words and phrases.  Obviously, you don’t want to be copying any other business names, but looking to other successful businesses can often help give you inspiration.

Whatever you decide, know that in choosing a massage therapy business name you are making one of the most important decisions in business ownership.  Accomplish this task first, and everything else will start falling into place for you.

Wishing you much success,

Ann Ross

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