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If there is an upside to the current economic situation it is the fact that so many people are taking control of their situations by looking for ways to put more of their career destiny in their own hands by looking for business opportunities that they can start with little or no money. In fact, with the right knowledge, you could start any one of these businesses tomorrow. If you want access to our far bigger list of business ideas for 2014, subscribe to our free email list using the form in the sidebar!

Personal or Career Coach: If you have been around the world a few times, chances are very good that there are those who would not only benefit from, but would sincerely appreciate your guidance. A personal or career coach is someone who helps others to bring out the best in themselves in order to maximize the use of their potential.

Social Media Consultant: Although social media might be the rage, there are still many people who don’t have a clue as to how to use it to their benefit. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and a growing number of others have redefined marketing in today’s world. One look through the help-wanted ads will show that people everywhere are looking for those who can help them maximize their presence on social media. Why not help them and build a whole new career at the same time?

Organizer: The last time you watched one of those hoarder programs and heard some of the suggestions of the professional organizers, did you say to yourself, “I could sure use one of those.” Even if you didn’t there’s a good chance that you could take the benefit of your knowledge, or compulsion, and help others to dig out from under their lives. Even if someone isn’t a hoarder you could profit by helping them to better organize their lives in order to get the most of it.

Invasive Species Pest Management: For the past 15 years, the US has suffered from an invasion of pests, and it’s not of the two-legged variety. Instead, those such as the stink bug and the long-horned beetle have arrived on American soil from other countries only to make their way westward. Unfortunately, many exterminators are not experienced in dealing with these predators.

business ideas for 2014

Here is a businessman in 2014 ready to go to work on his idea.

Application Development: If you are looking for something to do that will satisfy your inner technoid, perhaps assisting those who want to develop apps for their business needs would be for you. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to make their products and services more immediate to the public, and apps can do just that.

Privacy Consultant: Since 2005, more than 500 million consumers have had their online records breached. Further, that number is expected to increase exponentially as technology continues to progress to every area of our lives. As concerned as so many people are with putting their names in front of the public, not very many know how to protect their vital personal information in such an unforgiving venue. Privacy consultants sell their services to both businesses and individuals to help them keep from having all of their private matters compromised. As long as hackers don’t back down, why should we?

PR for Green Business: There’s an old saying that “In PR things are no sooner done than said.” It’s true. Unfortunately, for those businesses that have taken the green movement by the horns, they often don’t know how to use their initiatives at social responsibility to their benefit. If you have a gift of gab and a talent for persuading, you can help businesses use their green initiatives to help benefit their reception in the market.

Personal Concierge: It seems like no matter how many hours any of us have in our day, there are never enough to get everything we need to get done finished, or in many cases, even started. Personal concierges are employed by busy people to be their eyes and ears to get things done, from picking up or delivering laundry to paying bills. Regardless of the specific tasks they are asked to be performed, nearly all personal concierges report making a profit before the end of their first year in business.

Senior Services: This year, the first of an estimated 78 million Baby Boomers will officially take on the additional title of senior citizens. Born between 1946 and 1964, this group will lead a huge increase in the senior citizen population. Unfortunately, this will also increase the number of members of the next generation who have the responsibility of taking care of them, often in their own homes. Indeed, the skyrocketing costs of care often prohibits specialized care in favor of “parent sitters” who often do nothing more than keep seniors company while children are away.

Resale Retail: Tough economic times have caused many people to find bargains in whatever they might happen to be shopping for, from clothes to furniture. You can take advantage of this boutique market by reselling “gently used” goods on consignment. Despite needing inventory to start in this business there is little investment needed besides floorspace. Those wishing to sell their used goods allow you to display their possessions in your store. You profit at a rate that is agreed upon with the consignor.

Video Production: Video has gone far beyond its use at weddings and other special personal events. Today business has gotten into the act full swing to make marketing pitches better than ever before. And this is to say nothing about the potential of viral marketing where knowing how to make a video a “must-see” can take a business from being an also-ran to a market leader.

Specialty Foods Provider: With Americans suffering from food allergies and other dietary restrictions like never before, those who know how to find and prepare the foods they can eat are in great demand. According to the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, more than $70 billion in sales of specialty foods took place in 2012, up nearly eight percent from the previous year. This rise in sales has been profitable for manufacturers as well as those who know how to prepare these foods for the consumer.

Becoming successful isn’t only the place of industry captains. In a vast majority of cases, successful people are only those who took advantage of an opportunity that in many cases never existed before they saw it through their own unique perspective. The old saying, “Find a niche and fill it” goes today about business as much as it ever did in the past. Take the initiative to follow that advice and chances are good that you will create a life you would have never dreamed of.

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