Five business ideas to start in rural areas of India

This article provides the business ideas for people living in rural area or those who want to start a business in village. These businesses can prove to be lucrative in long run and can be started by both men and women. A little knowledge and management skill is sufficient to start the business. There are lot of government schemes which provides loan on low interest so that people living in rural area can start their own business.

In India, almost 70% population resides in villages or rural areas. Since, there is no means of employment; people are migrating to cities and towns in search of job. But, there are many business ideas which can be started in rural area in low budgets. Some of them are pottery, agro-business, fisheries, saloon etc. Below, I have mentioned five business ideas which can be started in rural area. These businesses require good management skills, a little effort and hard work. Interested people may avail loans from the banks to buy the equipments.

Distribution of mobile and prepaid cards business

In India, mobile device has become common both in urban area or rural area. In urban cities, people prefer postpaid connections. But, the scenario is different in rural area. In villages, people prefer to have pre-paid connections. They purchase small top-up cards according to their needs. Therefore, starting a distribution business of mobile and prepaid cards can prove to be profit making business.

Grocery shop/store business in rural area

In rural area, setting up the grocery shop/store is one of the lucrative business ideas. In villages, the competition is very less and hence, the grocery shop business venture proves to be profitable. A person can start the grocery store from the home. All that is required to start the grocery shop is positive attitude and 'customer-first' mindset. Setting up the grocery store requires a lot of planning. A lot of calculation, hard work and survey are required to have the idea of the quantity of the products to buy. The products have to be organized in the store so that customers feel easy and comfortable to shop. One may buy the products from the wholesale market or directly from the manufacturer.

Dairy Farm business in rural area

Dairy business is one of the traditional businesses which are being running from many generations. But, people in rural area are not aware of the profits that can be made through dairy farming. Milk and milk products have great demands in every part of the country. In villages, people own buffaloes and cows, but do not have knowledge and idea about the expenses and the mechanism to raise the animals. Hence, they cannot convert the dairy business into profit making business. If you own milk producing animals, you can set up a small scale dairy farm in the village. You can sell milk, curd etc in village and nearby areas. If big dairy companies are established in nearby area, then one can the milk to those industries and make profits. Later, when you have enough money, you can invest milk processing units to expand the business. Though the establishment of dairy farm business is expensive, but it would be prove to profit making business in a long run.

Tailoring business in rural area

Tailoring business can be started by any person who is interested in stitching clothes. Whether you are a male or female, a little training and tailoring skills can help you to set up a tailoring shop. There are many institutes which offer certification and short term course in tailoring, stitching and embroidery. The person can join these courses to enhance the tailoring skills. The tailoring business can be started alone in a very small area. If you do not have money to rent a shop, one can start the business from the home. Later, when money begins to flow, you can look for a location to start the tailoring shop. When more customers start to come to your shop, you can hire some more employees. If you do not have money to start the business, you can take up the loan from the bank. There are many government schemes, which provide help to the people living in rural areas to start the business. So, if you have decided to start tailoring business, take up the loan to buy necessary equipments such as sewing machines.

Tea stall/ Sweet shop business in rural area

If a person has good hands in cooking, then setting up a tea stall or sweet shop is excellent business idea. In India, people are fond of consuming tea. In rural area, people go out for walk in group and gather at places where they can have some snacks and tea. So, if you are expertise in making different kind of pakoras and tea, then the tea stall business will run efficiently. If you can hire people who are expert in making variety of sweets, then it will be an added advantage.


If you have decided to set up the business in rural area, then prepare a proper business plan. Research the area and do the thorough analysis. If you wish to get a loan from the banks, arrange all the papers and documents and then approach to the bank officers. These businesses will not only prove profitable to the person who started the business, but will also create opportunities for other people to earn some good money.

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