10 Great Home Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Parents

Are you a Stay-At-Home Parent looking for a way to supplement your current income? Here are 10 great Home-Business ideas that have very little start-up costs.

1. Gift Basket Maker: You can start a gift basket home business for basically peanuts. Someone places an order with you, you make their gift basket for them according to the customers preferences. You use the money they pay to buy all supplies and keep the left over cash. Simple and effective. Remember, practice makes perfect, and appearance really matters. Put 100% effort into it and it can grow into a full-time income within a year.

2. Teddy Bear Maker: If you have the supplies and are good with your hands you can make Teddy Bears, Dolls, etc... Supplies are very cheap and you can sell these to local stores or you can sell them yourself on the net. Custom projects bring in a lot of cash.

3. Scrapbook Pro/Teacher: If you're good at Scrapbooking you could offer your services to either make an entire Scrapbook for somebody or to help them learn to create their Scrapbook.

4. Small-Time Babysitter: If you're already at home, you could add a significant income by offering to baby-sit other people’s children. In my hometown a small babysitting outfit grew to an entire Daycare center with a playground and a huge annual income in just 2 years.

5. Cake Baker/Decorator: A family friend of mine used to do this while babysitting during the day. If you're good at baking and love to decorate this one's a no-brainer. The quality of your work will decide how much money you make with this one. This also works for other party supplies such as cakes and cookies.

6. Candle Maker: Candles are incredibly easy to make, and you can make your own molds for basically nothing. You can hold your very own Candle Parties or sell your Candles to local craft stores/small businesses.

7. Potpourri Maker: Potpourri is one of the easiest products to create at home. The overall quality of your product will either create or take away your business. It's best to practice with all types of combinations and to receive feedback before making your first sale.

8. Craft Maker: Many stay-at-home parents are very good with their hands. You can make all types of great craft products. Bird house, Doll houses, Miniature displays, etc... Products can be sold to local businesses or can be taken to local craft shows.

9. Photographer: You can set up a small studio in your house and use a digital camera to photograph family portraits, grad pictures, pet pictures, etc... Or you can take your business on the road and photograph peoples homes, insurance claims, etc...

10. Pet Groomer: There are several study at home courses you can take to become a certified Pet Groomer. This type of business is simple and if you love animals is perfect for you. You'd be required to baby-sit, bath, trim, clip, cut, and groom local pets. Repeat business is huge for this type of business. Do your best every time and you will have customers for years.

11. Consultant: Do you ever help friends solve problems? Do friends come to you for advice on the same problem? Do they ever refer their friends to you to solve their problems? What you're doing is being a consultant. Why not get paid to do this. I am a Home Gym Consultant, I go into peoples homes and help them build their perfect home gym based on fitness goals, space available, and budget. People can be consultants on just about anything; Health, Fitness, Decorating, Home Building Projects, etc... If you're willing to learn Consulting can be a very profitable business.

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