Menu Ideas for Concession Stand Trailers

by Miranda Brookins

Make your concession stand a fiesta, with a traditional Mexican menu. Your menu can include selections such as tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tamales, taco salads, tostadas, chimichangas, chips and salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo and enchiladas and can include desserts such as churros, fried ice cream and flan.

You can tempt potential customers with the smell of warm soup and the crisp goodness of various sandwich combinations. You can include hot soups such as potato and leek, tomato, chicken noodle, crab, minestrone, corn chowder and broccoli and cheese. Your cold soup menu may include gazpacho, avocado and sweet potato. Your menu can also include grilled cheese; bacon, lettuce and tomato; ham and Swiss or vegetarian selections. For a more sophisticated sandwich menu, include seafood sandwiches filled with lobster, shrimp or crab. Desserts can include homemade cookies and brownies. Serve beverages such as soft drinks and water.

Bring the tastes of France to your customers with a sweet and savory crepes concession stand trailer. Customers will enjoy choosing which items they want to include inside of their crepes, which can include bacon, chicken, turkey or steak strips, mushrooms, peppers, avocado, tomato, basil, onions and an assortment of cheese options. Fill sweet crepes with chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and fruit jams. Create menu combinations, such as the Caprese crepe, which includes basil and mozzarella cheese, or a strawberry delight crepe, filled with fresh strawberries and honey and topped with whipped cream. Serve beverages such as tea, lemonade and fruit juices.

Appeal to sports fans with a sports bar menu. You can serve hot dogs, hamburgers, mild and spicy buffalo wings served with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing and french fries topped with chili and cheese, ketchup or vinegar. Your concession trailer can offer nachos, mozzarella sticks and onion rings. Serve drinks such as beer, if you have a permit, lemonade, ice tea and soft drinks. Offer customers peanuts to chomp on, while they wait for their food, and desserts such as homemade pies and cookies.

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