30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5

This is a list of 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5 that they need to evaluate and venture into to make money for their families. 1. Making ornaments   Kenyan women love decorations, and making and selling ornaments would make a great business idea for the Kenya woman. One can engage in making ornaments with the use of the readily available materials for instance shells for those living in the coastal region.
One can make necklaces, bangles, or bracelets as well as anklets. It does not require a lot of capital to do this and it’s a good way to spend free time while as well making some extra money. One does not even need a room for these you can do it from home and sell to friends, neighbors and people within that area. An example of such ornaments is Shambala.

2.Cyber Cafe Business in Kenya

Cyber Cafe business for women in Kenya and around the world requires a little experience for one to start operating the business. One needs to get a free room and obtain machines (computers) as well as obtain a license which is fairly affordable. Pays well and it’s a good way to spend free time.
3. Florist Business in Kenya One can also start a florist business where they plant flowers and trees and nurture them till they grow. All they need is a license to make this business official. With good watering and nurturing the seedlings will grow quite well and first hence bringing income to the florist. It’s also a good way of appreciating nature and the environment.
4. Starting a church in Kenya A license is required to start this and though it’s said that one has to be called for such a task, nowadays it’s pretty much a form of business to start a church. Only an empty room and a license is needed.
5. Bakery in Kenya For those who can bake cakes, mandazis and other products, it’s a nice business idea to make it a means of earning extra income. You can bake these items and sell them from your home or if you have a small extra room, you can make it shop and get a license. You can also supply these items to shops, cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets. 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013 6.       Baby care in Kenya One can engage in starting a daycare business from their home. All one needs to do is to use one of the extra rooms for this purpose by decorating it appropriately and equipping it with the correct baby toys and furniture needed. One also needs to have a loving, caring and patient heart to be able to deal with the children. It’s fun taking care of kids especially for the baby lovers. Doing this kind of work pays well as some people would actually a lot of money to ensure that their children are taken good care of. It is marketable as most parents are busy working during the day and weekends and hence it’s hard to balance between taking care of the kids and going to work so they actually appreciate day cares.
7.Fish farming in Kenya For those living along the coastal region starting a small fish farm is actually a really nice investment and pays very well and it’s a nice way of passing spare time and a good way of making extra income.
8.       Poultry farming in Kenya Starting poultry farming is another well-paying investment. One need to find a spacious room and well aerated and also has adequate water and capital to feed the chicken. One can choose to focus on layering broilers or layers either of them is a good business idea. It does not particularly require any form of experience it’s easy to carry out and a very marketable business per say.
9. Farming in Kenya As long as one has a small piece of land outside her house, one can decide to plant vegetables such as kale's, carrots, Dania, spinach and other greens. This way she can sell them to her neighbors or people around the area. Good watering is needed as well as manure and time to weed and take care of the plants. No much experience is needed as learning is an everyday experience. Customers are guaranteed as long as your commodities are of good quality and as long as you have a good relationship with your customers.
10. Laundry business in Kenya One can start business of cleaning people’s clothes which does not require huge capital inputs. Only a small amount of cash is needed to buy soap and laundry basins and buckets as well as adequate water and pegs. This could be quite tasking but it’s a nice way of making extra income. Doing a perfect job wholeheartedly guarantees you that customers won’t be a problem. A good job helps maintain the customers as well as attract new ones.
11. Retail Business in Kenya One can get an empty room or rent one and buy house hold goods in bulk from a wholesaler hence getting a big discount and sell them at a profit from her retail shop. It’s a nice way of making extra income and only a license and reliable supplier are needed. 12.   Carpet cleaning and seats business in Kenya  Most people are unable to clean carpets and marts at their homes. Starting this business is a nice way to make extra income. Soap and water is all that’s needed to get the business kicking and customers will come flowing if you do a good job at cleaning. No experience required just a little effort and will to do it.
13. Second  hand clothes in Kenya This is a very profitable venture as people make random purchases as they impulse buy while on their way to their homes from work or as they pass by these second hand clothing stalls. Many people don’t have the money to go to shopping malls to buy new clothes they thus buy second hand clothes which are fairly cheaper and affordable to most citizens. All one needs is a little capital to acquire enough stock as well as a strategically located stall to position her business. One needs to study the market needs so as to be able to know what to stock to ensure that she does not lack customers.
14. Fruits salad kiosk in Nairobi Kenya Fruits are healthy for your health, Kenyans love easy things, and most pot for fruits for their lunch time meals, making fruit salad kiosk a creative business idea in Kenya. Most people prefer taking fruits especially during lunch time instead of actual food or even after having the main meal most people like to have fruits to complete the diet. Starting a fruit salad kiosk would be a good business venture that would never go wrong as long as the fruits are of good quality and the kiosk is clean to keep away fruit fries. Good customer service attracts more customers and helps retain the already existing ones. Little capital is needed for renting out a space and for purchasing fruits and dishes for serving the fruits. It would also be advisable to setup a bench or two where people can sit as they eat the fruits.
15. Massage parlor in Kenya Starting a massage parl0r in Nairobi Kenya is a lucrative small business idea in Kenya. This is an exciting experience can never be boring and as long as the services are great customers will come in flowing. Massage is good for everyone and its healthy and relaxing people wouldn’t mind to pay some money for such a service. Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013
1. Embroidery in Kenya Embroidery is one of the many business ideas in Kenya. One can embark in sewing and making various items such as table mats, seat covers and other things and sell them off to people for use at their homes, shops, churches and so forth for decoration purposes. Nice marts and carpets are good and they make the house look beautiful and comfortable. Business ideas in Kenya All that one need is a license, a vacant room, sewing machine, threads, and scissors which are the basic items to get the business started. Doing a good job and sewing unique and good quality materials will get your business booming in a short period. People could even request you to sew their braids maids’ uniform and even for the flower girls in special occasions like weddings which would earn you a lot of cash.
2. Event planner in Kenya This is one business idea in Kenya that if carefully done one can never go wrong in. there are many events in our day to day lives going from, birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies, corporate events, burials, traditional ritual ceremonies, launching of new products or services all these and many more events such as New year celebrations and Christmas that come ones a year. All that one needs is to start small by planning birthdays and make sure you do it perfectly so as to create a good image and name as well as good relationships with your clients. All people want is for their events to be planned perfectly with almost zero % error rate especially special events like a wedding being one of the most important day of someone you cannot actually afford to mess that day up it would be disastrous. Being creative, innovative, a good time keeper and highly disciplined you can rise to great heights of success within a short period.
3. Making cards for special occasions in Kenya There are many occasions in our day to day lives and it’s thus a nice idea to decide to make cards for special occasions and events. Events such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, exams and others call for this kind of business. Not much experience is needed because much of it calls for creativity and making use of the available resources such as waste paper, beads for making traditionally decorated cards. One can never lack market for these cards as long as they pay attention to the current trends in the market as some of these occasions are seasonal such as Christmas, New Year, exams, these happen ones a year. It’s thus important to keep one’s eyes open to know the kind of cards to make at different times. It’s a very profitable undertaking.
4.       Hawking in Kenya With a little amount of income, one can buy inner wares such as panties, undies and bras in wholesale and go selling in people’s homes. This is a great way to make extra money as there are nice profits in this kind of business and considering the fact that most people do not have that time to go buy such items, bring the items to their homes would be very convenient for them and you get to learn what your customers love most or prefer, the different types and designs and hence make better sales by observing such preferences.
5. Interior design in Kenya For those who love to do interior design one can embark on decorating people’s houses all one needs is to be creative and imaginative and a little spontaneous. Design is really exciting to do no boredom as different people love different designs. 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2015 One can do this quite easily and much of the experience is gained with time or for those with a background in design definitely have an up hand at this. Not much capital is needed to do this one can start small and later expand the business with time.
6. Opening a bar n Kenya Opening a mini bar and selling homemade brew would be a nice way of making extra cash and does not require much capital to start. One can do this from their own compound while making use of extra room and natural resources such as honey.
7. Shoe shiner in Kenya One can as well start a small shoe shinning service business. Very little money is required for purchasing shoe polish and brushes as well. It’s good to start small and if possible one can expand it by providing more services such as shoe repairs and also shoe cleaning. It’s a really booming business especially in rainy seasons when there is so much mad.
8.       Chapatti masters in Kenya  For the women who can cook good chapatis, can do this as a business and it’s very easy to start since you do not need to buy anything. All you do is go to people’s homes and cook for them as they provide all the ingredients you and for the task now all you need is to cook good chapattis. Most people do not know how to cook chapattis while others lack the time to cook them. Providing such a service therefore is a great way to make use of spare time and to make some extra cash. 9. Computer Repairs in Kenya Most Kenyans are people with average incomes and are fond of purchasing second hand machines and computers to be specific. As a result of this, the computers are prone to constant break down and hence require repair. This thus calls for knowledge and expertise from a person who knows how to deal with computers. Someone with this knowledge would stand a good chance of making good money by starting a computer repair shop. To add on that, there are international companies as well as local companies that is selling off old computers as well as the accessories at a low cost. One would invest in purchasing these, repairing and selling them at a profit. Customers would be many especially from schools, individuals as well as cyber cafes.
10. Start a music or movie library in Kenya This is very easy to startup and quite cheap. If you have a laptop or a computer all you need to do is buy blank cds to make movies and disks worth about 3000/=. You can burn music folders and movies and sell to people. It’s a very easy way to make money and little effort required. When you are not that busy you can engage in those online writing jobs where you are actually paid to write. This becomes a very good way to make extra money doing two jobs at a time. 11. Videotaping Service in Kenya One can start small by capturing small special events such as birthdays and with the appreciation of clients the business will grow big and successful in a very short period of time. One needs to purchase a good quality camera to use for recording events as well as taking photos. Taking good quality images and videos would be rewarding in a very short time because the image that one creates for themselves rally matters and contributes to the success of the business. Having a good professional relationship with your clients is a good way of marketing yourself and the services that you offer. Listen to your clients learn how they want the work to be done, their preferences and specifications and with that you will be earning a lot of money by making what your clients want.
12. Start a salon in Kenya As you all know everyone wants to look glam and beautiful. The hair being the first thing, to a stunning look for every woman around the globe. It would be a nice idea to startup a saloon with the basic equipment’s and ensure that it’s clean and well maintained. Employ a person with experience because as you know a business booms depending with the quality of the service provided. With time one can use the profits from the business to expand and upgrade the saloon such that it offers other services such as facials, pedicures, manicures and full body massage. This will contribute a great deal to the success of the business as the quality of the services attracts more customers and retains the already existing ones. A license for the business is required and if you have a vacant room in your house you can make it the saloon instead of having to incur the extra cost of renting out a room. 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013

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