What are the best startup ideas for civil engineers?

Didn't know this thread existed. Stumbled upon this and realised I've been mentioned here.

This is a very interesting topic. Since I've been in this field for a while now and founded a startup in this domain, here are my 2 cents.

It's a myth that there is no innovation to be done in this field of construction. Also, this is probably the most unorganised sectors, especially in India so there are no dearth of opportunities to make it better.

We are already working on technologies that are radically changing construction processes at Techture. And the popular technologies that we read about in the IT space like Big data, Internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing etc. are applicable to the construction industry in ways that one cannot imagine. These are being rapidly adopted and will be changing the way we perceive this engineering discipline altogether.

Now about the reasons we don't see many civil engineering startups.

1. We're wired by the education system to think it's not possible.

Hey that was the case for most kinds of startups a few years ago, but the success of a few rapidly changed the scenario. We aren't taught about innovation in our colleges, so one has to look outside the box for ideas to start up. Nor are there many ideals or examples of startups to follow.

2. This field requires experience.

I'm not going to disagree with that. But like I mentioned, technology is changing this field. So you know how much more the 20 years experienced professional in this field knows about 3D printing in construction than you? You guessed it right. Zero. So if you start right now, you'll have more experience than him in 6 months in this particular niche.

3. The AEC industry is slow to adopting change.

Especially in India. But then, you can either look at it as a drawback or an opportunity to grab on. As an entrepreneur I don't think the choice is difficult.

But for startups to happen, there should be some innovation required.Now when core field is a exhaustive field , where in there is always a lot of research done already. It takes us to go out of the box to get researched there.For all startups , finance is the most important thing to sustain. In IT startups , people generally create websites for the unorganised sector to make it organise, and thus creating lot of money.

Example, Flipkart, taxiforsure, Ola,http://housing.com , etc.

There are lot of engineers with no like to work under bosses and they want to be their own boss.

I've mentioned the ones which immediately came to mind, but there are probably more reasons than these 3 that stop people from starting up in this domain. Once you embark on the journey you realise there are far more challenges, but isn't that what a startup is all about?

Cheers. Let me know your thoughts.

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