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Christmas is not just about giving gifts, it is also a season to make money. For smart investors and entrepreneurs this is big opportunity for them to earn money. How about us who just stay at home but wants to earn money for the most awaited season of the year? Cheer up guys! I have some ideas here:

1.        Sweets for my Sweet

Everyone loves treats, so for this kind of season how about selling cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  If you are good at baking these sweets why not have a free taste while Christmas is couple of months to go? Surely you will have a big number of orders during this season.

2.        Christmas Cards

Bring out that creative side of yours. Try posting some of your greeting cards on your social media accounts. You can also ask your friends to make them personalized greeting cards if they want.

3.        Pack and Sell Gift Baskets

If you have this kind of skill, you will surely earn a lot of money this season. All you have yo do is to go to the supermarkets or groceries, buy food or fruits that are usually given during Christmas pack and design it on your basket and sell it to your officemates or co-workers.

4.        Sell Children’s Toys

This season children’s toys are very cheap and profitable. You can buy huge amount on markets and toy shops. You can post it on line or you can just put a table outside your house and display the toys. 

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