Ideas for Anniversary of Store Opening

by Emily Weller

Choose a signature item in your store to put on sale in honor of your anniversary. For example, if you run a clothing store, mark the item that sells best, such as a skirt or pair of pants down for the special day. Make the discount correspond to the anniversary year if you've been open for 10 or more years. Another option is to give customers a secret coupon in honor of your anniversary. When someone purchases something, she can scratch off the coupon to reveal her discount. Mail the coupons to loyal customers a week or so before the big day, so that they know to come in.

Give customers and visitors to your store an inexpensive, free gift in to celebrate your anniversary. The gift should be inexpensive and somehow connected to your store. For example, if you run a cosmetics boutique, give customers a free sample lip gloss or perfume. Sweet treats also make an ideal, inexpensive treat for an anniversary celebration. Give cupcakes to store visitors on the day of your anniversary. If it is in your budget, consider getting your store's logo molded into small chocolates and distribute to those people who come into the store.

Hold a grand anniversary party in the store during regular business hours. Hire a local band to play at the party or bring in other performers, such as a comedian or poet. If you run a fashion boutique, consider having a fashion show during the party to showcase your products. Keep the size of your store in mind when planning the party. A small shop may not have room for a full band to set up and play. Also, be aware of and acquire any permits you need to throw a party in your store.

Place a coupon that's good for use later in your store in customer's bags on your anniversary or during your anniversary party. If you attract new customers during the party, the coupon may be enough to have them return to your store. You can also give out coupons that promote another venture you're launching, such as a website for your store or a new location of the same store.

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