Business ideas for 17 year old with low budget?

If you cant even use your imagination to come up with something you can do based on your strengths or weaknesses, dont waste any money on it. You cant be told what to do, as you will be your own boss, you have to make ALL the descisions, there wont be someone there to spoonfeed you. that is the whole point of having your own business. So if you cannot even come up with the basics like what you want to do, where etc. then dont spend any of your money on it. This is where alot of small businesses fall at the first hurdle, people venture in without confidence, or a proper idea of what they are doing, and because of that they have no direction and fail, often loosing money. When you can come up with something you can do, or at least a rough idea, do some research, and everything else will fall in place.

Side note, with a previous answer its mentioned to present your idea to your friends / family - DONT. They are unlikely to give you constructive criticism as they dont want to hurt your feelings, and you could end up wasting money. You will probably need a business account so present your idea to a business manager at a bank for criticism. So if you have a bad idea, you wont get "OOh what a great idea, im sure that will work if you work hard at it" like you would from friends, you will get "This, this and this is complete and utter .... change them and you may be onto something" or "This plan is hopeless, dont do it", they wont sugar coat their responses, as they want you to be successful so they earn more money. Yes it will be upsetting at times, going forwards and back, but eventually you will crack it, and you will definately know your onto a winner.

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