25+ Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines For 2017

Are you looking for best small business ideas in the Philippines for 2017? If yes, here is the updated list of profitable small business ideas in the Philippines with small capital you can think about.

After Japan and Mexico, Philippine is the 12th most populated country in the world. According to the census of 2015, the Filipino population was more than 100 million with 1.72% annual growth rate. This statistics indicates that the population of the Philippines will increase in the upcoming next years. Furthermore, thefuture business trendsare going to change in the upcoming years. Due to advancement in technology, the internet, and globalization, the future business ideas will be completely different from the conventional business ideas. All these trends and statistics indicate that 2017 will bring new business trends and opportunities for the Filipino people.

In short, if you are planning to start a new business in the Philippines, then 2017 might be a lucky year for you. All you need is to go through the following list of business ideas in the Philippines and choose the right idea according to your skills, experience and investment you have right now.

25+ New Business Ideas in the Philippines with Small Capital

1. Social Media Management

Approximately, 50% of the world population is regularly usingsocial networksright now. After the success of social community platforms, these websites have emerged as a new social media tool to spread information in all over the world. Today on social media, people not only connect with their friends and family, they also read, respond and share latest trends with their friends and followers.

Due to the high engagement of people with social media, these platforms have become the majormarketing channelsfor advertisers, marketers, bloggers and startup companies to reach out the right audience. Almost every business tries its best to increase its social media presence in order to increase the leads, sales, and ultimately revenues. For this purpose, they usually hire social media managers to manage their only campaigns.

If you are addicted to social media and have the good extrovert ability then why don’t turn this habit into a full fledge part-time business. You can become a lifestyle entrepreneur. All you need is to get projects from freelancing websites and start making money today.

2. Online Photography Business

For many people, photography is an art and passion. If you want to be an entrepreneur but don’t have too much money, then starting a photography business will be one of the best business ideas in the Philippines in 2017.

Up till now, millions of websites are operating online. All these websites need fresh images for their blog posts and contents. For this purpose, they usually buy fresh and copyrighted pictures from stock photography websites.

If you have good DSLR camera then you can also start this business with small capital. There are different ways through which you can get started or make money such as

  • Selling fresh images on stock photography websites
  • Selling images as a freelance photographer
  • Launch your own photography website and sell your photography products

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3. Starting a Freelance Business

Freelancingis becoming one of the most profitable small business ideas for students in the Philippines. If you have skills such as an article and academic writing, photography (as mentioned above), graphic designing or programming, you can make hundreds of dollars by just selling your services online. To start this business, you will just need a laptop and broadband internet connection.

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4. Resume Writing Business

As mentioned above, the population of Philippine is increasing day by day. Along with this trend, the inflation rate has been increased up to2.5% in November 2016 . To cope with this situation, people needs high paying jobs in the Philippines.

If you have good skills and experience in resume writing then you can make a lot of money from this part-time business. LinkedIn and freelancing websites will be good platforms for you to get resume writing orders from buyers.

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5. Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is a good online business idea in the Philippines. There are several bloggers who are making good side income from blogging.

All you need is to choose the profitable blogging niche and get started. To monetize your blog, you can place advertisements, sponsor contents and do affiliate marketing.  Initially, you will have to work very hard to generate good amount of traffic from search engines. Once you will get decent traffic on your blog, you will become an internet entrepreneur.

6. Online Affiliate Marketing Idea

Likewise blogging, affiliate marketing is also lucrative business idea for beginners. It is often seen that people usually connect affiliate marketing with a blog.  Having a blog is a plus point but if you don’t have a blog, you can still make money online by sharing referral links on social media. In return, you will get handsome commissions.

For example, if you have a Payoneer Master Card then check out its referral program and earn commission by referring other users.

7. E-Commerce Business

E-Commerceis a profitable booming business in the Philippines. According to theeMarketer report , eCommerce global retail sales will reach $1.95 Trillion this year. They also predicted that this figure will double by 2020.

If you want to start an internet business then this startup idea might be lucky for you. In fact, it is a great opportunity for you, if you start an eCommerce business in the Philippines.

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8. Custom T-Shirt Printing Business

From last few years, customt-shirt printing businessis on the horizons. Forbrandingpurposes, individuals as well as startup businesses usually outsource t-shirt printing work to people who are supposed to be an expert in it.

If you have good know how about how t-shirt printing business works then what are you waiting for? Go and kill the waves.

9. Offering SEO services

We are all living in the age of the internet and technology. From small scale business to large scale organizations, almost every type of business can be found online and everyone is trying to be number one on the search engine results.

Now, here comes SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Startup companies often hire SEO experts to optimize their contents so that their websites get good ranking in the search engine pages. If you are a beginner in this field then try your best to become a pro in SEO. Once you will be an expert, start your own SEO Company to get freedom from traditional 9 to 5 job.

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10. Starting a YouTube Channel

After Google, YouTube is the second most visited website in all over the world. Every day, people make hundreds of millions of searches on YouTube to watch videos.

You can also start your own YouTube Channel and earn money from video advertisements. All you need is to choose a specific niche and upload unique videos on YouTube. More you will get hits, views, likes and subscribers, more you will earn.

All of these aforementioned profitable business ideas in the Philippines require small capital to start business. Here are 5 more startup ideas that require little too high investment.

11. Content Writing Company

There are hundreds of thousands of websites registered on the internet and they regularly publish unique and fresh articles in order to drive traffic to their websites. If you have good writing skills then offer your services on freelancing websites. Once you will get plenty of orders, make a small writing company, hire writers to get that writing projects done.

12. Becoming a Translator

English and Filipino are two official languages which are widely spoken in the Philippines. Apart from this, there are 13 other languages used in the Philippines. If you have a good grip on multiple languages then you can make good money by offering your translation services.

13. Become a Tourist Guide

There are 7000 islands situated in the Philippines. Every year, thousands of tourists come to the Philippines just for tourism. For tourists, it is difficult to explore the different travel places in our country. As a native guy, you can help them by becoming a tourist guide. In return, you will get good remuneration.

To expand your small business, you should make a catchy tourism website and attract tourists to contact you and hire you as a tourist guide.

14. Rental Services Startup

Every year, people migrate to cities for various reasons such as higher education, good jobs or improve their lifestyles. For these purposes, they need rental apartments for short time. If you have your own house then rent it and gets rental income on monthly basis.

15. Real Estate Consultant / Agent

According to the list of Future business ideas 2020, real estate business will boom in the future. If you are a good negotiator and have awesome marketing skills then why don’t jump into the profitable industry? To start this business, maybe you will need to get a governmental license to work in your area.

Here is a list of 10 small business ideas in the Philippines that requires more investment and experience.

  1. Drop Shipping Business
  2. Starting a Food Business
  3. Rice Retailing
  4. Ukay-Ukay Startup
  5. Starting Taxi Services Business with the help of UBER is a good business opportunity in the Philippines.
  6. Teaching English Language
  7. Event Organizing and Planning Startup
  8. Water Filtration Business
  9. Day Care Centre
  10. Investment in Stock Market
  11. Starting a Pharmaceutical Store

There are severalother startup ideasyou can think about. It all depends on the latest trends and opportunities. Find the problem and come up with a unique and affordable solution.

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