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Spanish company LaserFood has developed the means to laser cut detailed fruit and vegetable labels directly into the produce.

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In the UK, Keighley Bus Company is piloting a ticketing service that uses beacons and an accompanying app.

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Creative agency ISL developed iOS app Viable to test the availability, strength and meaning of potential company, brand and product names.

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Scientists from the Electronic Development Institute created a solar-powered hand-held voting machine that uses biometrics for voter authentication.


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Taiwan-based startup is using a blockchain algorithm to create distributed consensus on who owns what in the digital sphere.

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The Harvard Biodesign Lab has developed a soft robot device that can be placed on a heart to assist damaged hearts.

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A new gaming innovation allows players to donate to microloan payments and developers to boost their revenue at the same time.

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Austrian bank is the first to offer video identification process to customers opening a bank account.

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Handheld breathalyzer device helps users keep track of their gut health by measuring the gases released in their breath.

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The Cape Town-based WumDrop delivery service app provides Uber-style on-demand connections between drivers and shoppers.

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In Canada, a rewards programme uses VR content to allow users to experience how and where they can use their prizes.

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Navia is a portable wifi security solution, that also unblocks geo-restricted content worldwide.

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Book by Cadillac is a new membership car subscription service that gives drivers access to luxury vehicles without the hassle of sales, insurance and maintenance.

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Combining technology with traditional goldsmith techniques, Finnish company Jevelo turns uploaded images into personalized jewelry.


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