Chair Massage Business Idea

Many people are turning to massage therapy for pain relief and stress management. If you enjoy working with people, you may be interested in how to start a chair massage business.

Unlike traditional massage therapy, a chair massage business rarely requires an hour long session or for the customer to completely disrobe. In many cases, they will remain fully dressed throughout the session.

The massage therapist will manipulate tight or painful areas in the head, neck, arms, and upper back regions of the body and will usually complete the massage session within 30 minutes.

As opposed to a full-body, deep-tissue massage session, a chair massage experience is often the finishing touch to a quick trip to the salon or a stress reliever at the end of a hard day.

Learning How To Start A Chair Massage Business

Although you can open an actual office, most chair massage therapists don’t need to incur such a large expense when they are first learning how to start a chair massage business.

A massage chair and the required oils are portable equipment that can be easily carried in most vehicles. In addition to lotions and oils, the therapist should keep cleaning supplies and disinfectants on hand to make sure the chair is kept sanitary between clients.

While a full-blown computer system is not a requirement for a one-person operation, the therapist should be prepared to stay organized. A schedule to keep track of appointments as well as information sheets and receipts for payment should be kept close at hand.

Getting Trained And Certified

To become a massage therapist, the interested individual must attend a rigorous course of study. In addition to massage techniques, they will be required to take classes in physiology, biology, and other medical related areas.

Once they have passed the course, they must also pass a state exam to obtain their certification and license. A licensed massage therapist will be able to work independently or for someone else.

While the massage therapist will probably not need to take the exam again, they will need to renew their license by paying a fee every few years. In addition to their professional certification, a massage therapist will need a business license to operate legally.

You can either pay your business taxes under your own Social Security number as a sole proprietor or apply for a free Federal tax id. Before taking your first client, invest in general liability insurance coverage just in case someone claims that they were injured by your technique.

While you may want to purchase coverage in case you become disabled, a workman’s compensation policy should not be required unless you hire additional therapists.

Where Do I Find Clients?

Now that you have learned how to start a chair massage business, it’s time to find some clients. Due to the recent growth in the massage therapy industry, the competition may be steep. However, most massage customers will go to the most convenient location until they find someone that they really enjoy.

Your task will be to attract new customers and give them a reason to continue their relationship with you. To start out, many find that it’s easier to work for someone else until they feel comfortable. Most spas and salons offer chair massage services, and you could work for them as a subcontractor.

If you’re determined to start off as a completely independent therapist, run some ads in reputable channels like local papers and radio stations. You may also find that handing out a few coupons or informational flyers will attract customers.

While having a webpage that can be found through the popular search engines or obtaining a listing on massage-related websites will also find customers, stay away from some of the free sites like Craig’s list. Their massage-related listings have been known to attract a dangerous element.

Another great way to attract customers is to give away free sessions. Think of a place and time where people are most stressed and offer free five-minute sessions. A crowded mall during the holiday season, a busy rock concert or festival, or even the middle of the business district could be great choices.

Growing Your Chair Massage Business

After you have learned how to start a chair massage business, you may want to expand. You can always hire additional technicians or open an actual office. Some chair massage therapists find that they would like to expand into offering a full suite of massage services.

Another option would be to add other types of relaxation techniques like guided meditation sessions, reflexology, or yoga. Maybe you’ve spent so much time developing a relationship with your clients that you feel like their therapist. You could even expand into the fields of personal trainer, life coach, or nutritionist.

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