Green Marketing Ideas for Sustainable Businesses

Whether you're an independent contractor looking to secure work or an established organization with a large client base, are you taking advantage of the green movement and positioning yourself for future success?

Effective and Green: The Sweet Spot

The issue most corporations and organizations face is that it's not easy to go green. In fact, it's problematic in most industries and requires far more planning than simply saying you're interested in becoming more sustainable. Strategies must be developed, detailed plans implemented, employees persuaded, and processes changed.

Even when these things happen, it still comes down to dollars and cents. Many companies can't handle the initial costs of going green. While the benefits will eventually make the decision profitable, the upfront losses and increased expenses can hurt the bottom line.

With that being said, it's important to have realistic expectations and a calculated plan when shifting your business' focus, and developing a subsequent green marketing campaign.

Top Green Marketing Ideas for 2015

Here are a few ideas to get you started in your pursuit of green marketing:

  • Begin with employees. Before you can market yourself as being green to your customers, you must sell the concept to your employees and core partners. They must be onboard for your marketing initiative to work properly. The best way to do this is by building a total corporate mindset around the belief that sustainability is important and valued. If your business uses corporate vehicles for transportation, switch to eco-friendly cars. Also, encourage recycling around the office or ask people to carpool. There are dozens of changes your company can embrace, and these ideas should get you started.
  • Apply for green insignias. With so much national focus on sustainability, there are organizations that concentrate on the "greenness" of products and services. Your company can proudly display its level of sustainability by applying for green seals, logos, and other insignias that represent your core beliefs. These can then be applied to your website, signage, packaging, marketing materials, business cards, and more.
  • Focus on networking. Speaking of business cards, networking is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for green marketing. According to a representative from, a leader in business card design, "a business card is a direct representation of your business and your professionalism." From using recycled materials and including green insignias to clearly displaying your company's core values and latest initiatives, your business card is an effective tool for showing other business partners and future customers what you stand for.
  • Invest locally. Much of the green movement is based on using and promoting your local resources. In a business sense, this means investing in your community, reducing your carbon footprint, and transitioning to locally sourced products, if possible. This investment in the community--your immediate customer base--will pay dividends quickly. You'll likely gain local publicity and support from individuals you wouldn't have worked with otherwise.
  • Donate to the right causes. It's commonly said that you should put your money where your mouth is, and that's true when it comes to donations and charities. Assure others that you practice what you preach by making donations to local environmental causes and by taking action against detrimental practices. Many businesses have even found success delegating a portion of their sales to green initiatives such as planting trees, supporting local farmers, and more.

Looking to change the way your organization does business in 2015? Consider investing in the green movement and aligning your marketing campaigns around these core beliefs.

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