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Listening to Alice Chuaga speak about her farms worth millions of shillings, one would be forgiven to think that she is an agronomist or a greenhouse technology expert. But the greenhouse farmer from Nyeri says her passion and use of… Continue Reading


  New mini greenhouse technology from the U.S. is allowing high productivity on a few small-holder farms in urban and suburban settings in Kenya. Using locally-made materials, the greenhouses are built in a way that makes it easy to harvest rainwater.… Continue Reading

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The irony of life is that sometimes careers are built on hobbies, not university degrees. Kangai Mwiti, for instance, pursued a degree in International Business Administration at the United States International University (USIU) after dropping out of campus several times.… Continue Reading

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  Despite spending his childhood in the slum and poverty locking him out of college, Moses Sumba had one desire; to build a school in Mathare Valley, an informal settlement in Nairobi.Being an orphan, Mr Sumba was raised by his… Continue Reading

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From a meare salary of Sh 5,000 a month, six years ago, young Kimani’s assets are worth a few millions, and still counting” A teaching job interview that saw Francis Kimani compete for one post with another 60 graduates was… Continue Reading


What started as a hobby for Fatma Hussein when she was a primary school pupil has matured into a lucrative business. Today the 25-year-old Business Management student is living her dream of becoming an independent entrepreneur. For Ms Hussein, henna… Continue Reading

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Few people can boast a side hustle that pays more than their core job. Silibwet Township ward Member of county assembly Robert Metet is one of such few people. Metet is such a successful potato farmer in Bomet County, he… Continue Reading


NAIROBI, KENYA: In his trademark faded jeans trouser and polo t-shirt, David Kinyanjui, a creative writer, music and TV producer passes for any other hustler in town. However, a closer look reveals an entirely different picture. A visit to his Sanaa… Continue Reading

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