7 Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Since planet Earth is our home, it is our responsibility to take care of the world we live in. It is well known that environmental issues such as global warming are threatening the ecosystem and our existence.

If you are planning to enter the business market, create a business that has a positive impact on both the environment and the community. Here we outline 7 business ideas for entrepreneurs that keep our sustainable future in mind.

But first, let’s understand why it is not only good, but also smart to invest your time in the green market. The answer is very simple.

Firstly, the environmental market is growing at a breakneck speed. Every entrepreneur, business manager and investor who has had even a brief glance recognizes the market’s potential. The environmental market is estimated to reach $2,740 Billion by 2020. Just take a moment to think about that.

Second, you will contribute towards building a better world, not just for the current generation but also the future ones.

So why not join this market? In this post, we present 7 great ideas for entrepreneurs who intend to start a green and eco-friendly business.

Use These Ideas for Entrepreneurs

1 – Food

Where does our food come from? While most people living in the developed world do not give it much thought, food security and sources are a major concern for rest of the world. World’s leading organizations have started recognizing the rapidly growing importance of food security. In the business context, it is possible to invest in the food market in order to resolve the situation. In fact, growing food is one trend that’s only going to get bigger. Worm farming and organic compost sales are other green gardening business ideas that might work for you.

One solution would be to invest in garden-parks. What is this? Create small tray potted plants to fit within a balcony, in order to enable people to grow their own food. If we think on a larger scale, we can create true eco-friendly gardens on rooftops to supply entire communities. This is a marketable and scalable idea with a good application.

You could also develop a green business focusing on products that will help people grow plants, such as greenhouses suitable for residential homes or ecological pest controls.

2 – Heating

The prices of some of the more traditional energy sources are increasing, as is the case of coal, oil and gas. So why don’t you invest in the energy saving market? If you like this idea, we suggest that you participate in solar water heating systems. This system can be installed in any building in order to provide up to 70% of a family’s hot water when properly installed. When integrated with the building, solar water heating systems can also be used to heat the house and keep it warm, especially during those cold winter nights.

3 – Cleaning

Detergents used to clean clothes, dishes and even our cars are extremely polluting. At a time when environmental issues are catching the world’s attention, people are growing more reluctant to use these types of products and are becoming extremely environmentally conscious. So it’s a great idea to invest in eco-friendly cleaning goods.

Using only eco-friendly cleaning products in your cleaning business could give you a competitive edge. If you want to take this idea in another perspective, you can also produce and sell eco-friendly cleaning products.

4 – Consulting

Being green is becoming very popular. From all around the world rapidly increasing number of individuals and businesses want to become greener but don’t know what the best course of action is. So, an excellent idea would be to advise those businesses with services of green consulting.

What can a green consultant do? This kind of work involves putting together a strategy by examining their client’s energy needs and analysing their strengths and weaknesses. For example, is a home or business using the correct amount of energy? If they are not, you could adjust their energy needs or find a way for them to generate their own power at cheaper rates than what they get from their electrical utility, and help them becoming greener.

5 – Transportation

Replacing ones car for a more eco-friendly solution is a great way to go green and for reducing their carbon-footprint. If not being able to replace the car then one can try to use it fewer times. A great solution is to buy a scooter or a bike. Riding this vehicle helps saves money, become environmentally friendly and improve one’s health.

In the coming years, electric and gas scooters and electric bikes are going to increase in popularity. Many companies, such as Daymak Canada, have a good range of green vehicles, including mopeds, scooters and electric bikes, and they offer franchises.

6 – Building

Construction companies, architects, designers and contractors can – and should – specialize in green building. This way they can build homes that are eco-friendly. Even if you are not in the construction market, you can participate in this business with green products like water-saving toilets, rooftop solar panels, or even after-installation servicing.

7 – Fashion

You don’t live without a little bit of fashion, do you? Well, who said that fashion and environment don’t match with each other? You can use organic cotton, reused fabric scraps and even plastic bottles to start a green fashion line. You can create silk screen artwork for eco-friendly T-shirts, or designer handbags and accessories made of recycled materials. Be creative and design your own line of eco-friendly clothes.

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