Profitable Small Business Ideas


Simply stated, take a trip back-to-the-future.

The average person sees "at least" 3,000 advertisements Daily. It's hard for your small business to break through all the clutter.

So our mentality is to grab sales by offering low prices and hoping this works.


If you own an online or offline business the ideal way is to break through the clutter with higher prices and "real" service.

In the "good old days" the small biz owner use to welcome her customers, smile, start to build a personal relationship, find out what they were looking for, make personal recommendations giving pros and cons about products and, most importantly, make everyone who entered their store feel comfortable.

In today's terminology this is called, "Added Value Marketing."

The winning biz is the one who adds value from the "Customers Point of View."

The profitable business owner (online/offline) NEVER start their biz by pouncing on their Website/Physical Store visitor to immediately "Sell" them something.

No matter how low your price, you will turn more folks off than you turn on. That's a fact!

Each one of us, without fail, always use our 5-senses sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell when making decisions.

How visitors/customers perceive the decor, look and feel of your biz. (Website/store) determines whether they feel comfortable (taste/smell) in making a buying decision.

It's NOT the low price. It's the added VALUE you bring to your business.


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