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By Beatrice Simons On 8 February 2017 In TechnologyThere’s no doubt about it – torrenting’s got what can only be described as a very bad rep these days. But then it’s hardly surprising as its growth in popularity as a way to download huge filesBy Ethan Theo On 7 February 2017 In Food & BeveragesThe Amsterdam-based brewery Hemelswater has started to collect water from rooftops in the city to make beer from. Their first beer is called Code Blond and is collected from the roof of the Volkshotel building in Amsterdam.By Ethan Theo On 3 February 2017 In Arts & EducationCairo: “Good morning. Welcome to Kemet Radio: A station at the station.” So rings a refreshing voice across the platform buzzing with chugging trains and a throng of commuters in the morning rush of the Cairo UndergroundBy Beatrice Simons On 2 February 2017 In Business TrendsBusinesses rely on innovation now more than ever before; to survive, and thrive, companies must stay ahead of their competition in new and interesting ways. Creativity has perhaps never been so important, and yet many businesses areBy Ethan Theo On 1 February 2017 In Society & EnvironmentThe tenants of Patch22, the highest wooden apartment building in the Netherlands, can design and create their own floor plans thanks to the project’s impressive level of flexibility. Architecture firm FRANTZEN et al architecten designed Patch22 withBy Ethan Theo On 31 January 2017 In Consumer GoodsThis mirror designed by Hunting & Narud and produced by New Works is a delight for the senses. Elegant and simple, it strikes a perfect balance between form and function. Counterbalanced by a weight, it can be adjusted toBy Beatrice Simons On 27 January 2017 In Consumer GoodsMoonlite is the first mini-projector device that attaches to almost any mobile phone. It uses the flash source from your mobile device to project images onto nearby surfaces.  The Images, or Stories, are Encoded into the MoonLiteBy Beatrice Simons On 27 January 2017 In Special FeatureImage Credit: David versus David, Your website is at the core of all online business activities. For an online business to enjoy success, it requires: A website as a core “hub”; someplace to refer traffic to for information.

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By Beatrice Simons On 26 January 2017 In Consumer GoodsKFC has improved on its 5-in-1 Meal Box in India with a new feature that lets you charge your phone while you eat. It’s called the “Watt a Box” and, in addition to the five KFC favoritesBy Beatrice Simons On 25 January 2017 In Health & BeautyDesigned to keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable, the Sleep Number 360™smart bed senses your movements then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support–your Sleep Number® setting–to keep you both sleeping blissfully, all night long. The SleepBy Beatrice Simons On 24 January 2017 In Travel & TransportMany cities around the world — from New York City to Buenos Aires — are investing more in bike share systems as a form of public transportation. But the bikes don’t come with helmets, so riders must eitherBy Beatrice Simons On 24 January 2017 In Business TrendsInnovation and research has had a transformative impact on the agribusiness sector during the last decade, with tech advances paving the way for sustainable and energy-efficient processes that have drastically improved yield and quality. The Food and

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