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We realize there are many questions pertaining to business licensing. The questions and answers below should assist you in finding the answers you need.

Q: Where can I find specifics in each jurisdiction about business licenses? A: State, County and Municipal links: Nevada State Business Licenses – 702-486-2880

Clark County Business Licenses – 702-455-4252

City of Las Vegas Business Licenses – 702-229-6281

City of Henderson Business Licenses – 702-267-1730

Boulder City Business Licenses – 702-293-9219

North Las Vegas Business Licenses – 702-633-1520

Q: Do I Need more than one business license?
A: Yes. At a minimum you will need two, maybe more. You must have a State of Nevada business license, and also a local business license in every jurisdiction where you conduct business.

Q: What do you mean by “every jurisdiction where you conduct business when you talk about local business licenses?
A: There are two definitions of the place of conducting business. If you are buying or selling a home, the place of business is the location of the office where you hang your license. If you are managing property, it is the location of the property that you manage.

Q: So if I manage properties in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and unincorporated Clark County I will need THREE local business licenses PLUS a State of Nevada business license?
A: Yes. And even a fourth local license if you also manage property in Henderson. The cities have determined that the place of business if you are managing a property is the property itself. When you buy or sell a home they consider it a temporary, fluid transaction that has the only common thread of your license hanging in your physical office. An ongoing relationship exists in each municipality if there is ongoing management of a property.

Q: What if I only sell real estate? How many licenses do I need if I don’t manage property?
A: If you sell real estate only and don’t manage property, then you would consider the location of the office where you hang your license as your place of business. For example, if your office is in unincorporated Clark County, you would need a State of Nevada business license and a Clark County business license.

Q: Isn’t my broker supposed to do all of this for me?

A: No. It is your responsibility to obtain all of the legally required licenses for your business.

Brokers are required to verify that their agents have valid state and local licenses before conducting business with the independent contractor. It is the responsibility of the agent to acquire the licenses and the responsibility of the broker to verify that proper licenses have been acquired prior to conducting business. Failure to ensure such licensing shall subject the business license of the Broker to disciplinary action, in addition to any other remedy available to the City. The City may also impose a fine on the Broker in the amount of $300 for each independent contractor that is not properly licensed by the City. This fine can be re-imposed annually until compliance is achieved. For risk management purposes, brokers may wish to create a system to track the annual renewal dates of their licensees, just as they do real estate licenses.

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