Indian food in Changi Business Park (CBP)

Just moved to CBP and yes, I hated the move just like the rest of my colleagues. The place is 'ulu', no good transportation, need to spend hours in public transport, no good food, expensive etc etc. On the plus side, there are plenty of Indian food choices available, there is a Fairprice extra right next to office. Great. I have an excuse to get a cab on friday :) Coming to the Indian food, below is a list for future reference.. I'll try to update if I come across any new places and am sure there will be some feedback which I can use too. I am giving the postcode and building name instead of the complete street address to avoid any clutter.

1. Sakuntalas ( UE Bizhub East, South tower, S-486018)

This is near the fairprice xtra (if you walk further up) and food is good. I've tried few of their items (Dum Biryani, Set Meals & Kadai Chicken) and most of them are good. Only downside is it gets pretty crowded and the prices are a bit on the high side compared to food court prices. But worth for a quick meal, and don't expect it to be a quiet place :)

** Used to be Zaffaran. 

2. Saravana Bhavan (Plaza-08, S-486025)

Same type of food and offers strictly vegetarian. Exec set lunch seems to be popular as I can see many people during the peak hour.

For me, it's unlikely I'll end up as a regular here.

3. Ras Bites (Plaza-08, S-486025)

This is in the building Plaza-8 but towards the end. i.e. Walk past Saravana Bhavan, Sankranti and then there it is.  level. Seems this is one of the best bet for a lunch meeting with Indian guests/food. Place is good, food tastes good too. Prices are reasonable but lately I see this place getting pretty busy around Lunch time.

4. Makan Mumbai Express (MM Express - Teh Tarik) (CITI Bank building, S-486026)

This is the Indian stall in the Teh Tarik food court in Plaza-08 and I've been visiting this place almost every day. Their set meal is great and tastes good too. One should watch how quickly (or the attempt) they serve the thali in the huge steel plate :) But during lunch hour the place is obviously crowded so one need to plan either a bit early or a bit late. Especially avoid the 12:30 period.

5. Sri Shubham (next to MM Express @ Teh Tarik) (CITI Bank building, S-486026)

This stall opened around Oct last year and steadily improving the food quality. This is Andhra / Telugu food so supposed to be more spicier compared to MM Express. However I found it's not the case. Food is acceptable but their vegetables need improvement. Actually a lot of improvement.

6. Sankranti (Plaza-8, S-486025)

Food is not bad, prices are ok (Set lunch ~ 8; Buffet ~12) but the biggest issue is "service'. They seems to be busy walking fast across the place and you've to be lucky to get their attention without getting up and standing on table.
Update-1: Since my original comments, there seems to be some improvement. Will try few more times.

7. Tandoor Curry Club (Eightrium @ Changi, S-486035)

Food is acceptable and they deliver too. So can't miss this place. Phone number is 9118 7234. Delivery took around 40 min on a busy monday so I guess these guys can be trusted/counted on.

8. Kinara (UE Bizhub, S-486018)

This is a rather new opening and the food is good but not the bill :|. So you need to be 'prepared' to pay >25 for lunch; double for dinner with drinks. Somehow it doesn't appear in their website but I can assure you the place is open and running for a while.

9. Indian Curry House (Expo near Hall-4, S-) This is a place near Expo which operates during lunch & dinner hours. Strangely the dinner hours are till 11.00 so after a late meeting @ office, you can jump in here. Food is good but a bit on the high side for the quality. I loved the butter naan. Fish cake/cutlet wasn't that great. Rest of the items like butter chicken, tandoor etc are acceptable.

10. Indian stall @ Basement food court, Changi Citi Point

There is a stall in the Changi Citi Point. When you enter the mall from main entrance just take the downward escalator at the right hand side. That's the small food court or food area in Changi Citi Point. Food is good but the place is damn crowded during the lunch hours. Good to give a try if you are not in a rush during the lunch break or if you can beat the peak hour crowd. Breakfast or Evening tea / snack time is great at this place as the variety of snacks are pretty good. i.e. you can most of the items like Dosai, Samosa, Kachori etc. Update#01: Heard that this place is an extension to one of my fav and most frequented Indian restaurant at Serangoon Gardens - Garden Kadhai. Have to find during my next visit when I am back to work :)

11. Ananda Bhavan, UE Bizhub East (It's opp Fairprice or near the Nanyang coffee)

No need introduction. Not too crowded (may be not many people know this place??).

12. Vegetarian Food, The Signature Building Food court

This is a 'Indian food court", and to the far left you can find the vegetarian stall. Good food and the lunch set menu seems popular. They are offering South Indian set & north indian set (i.e. same stuff but with buttermilk in south indian set)

13. North Indian Food, The Signature Building Food court

Same food court, and variety. Naans are pretty acceptable

14. South Indian Food, The Signature Building Food court

Same food court, and variety. They do have some 'special rice' i.e. lemon rice etc. 

15. Nepalese Food, The Signature Building Food court Not Indian per say but pretty close. This food court should change to 'indian food court' :) great place for Indian food lovers and trust me guys/gals, you need to start jogging to keep your weight under check.

16. Muthiah Restaurant, UE Bizhub East

This place is at the back side of UE Bizhub (after NTUC towards the Expo mrt via the old route). After an year or so, I managed to visit this place and I am quite surprised to see a huge crowd. Guess I was wrong to expect people wouldnt go there at the corner but people love to walk across in rain or hot sun to have a good meal. Food is good, and variety is great. Only down side is the waiting in the queue to place order, wait to get the food, wait to get the bill. They are extremely slow in the service and that's creating long waits..

17. Manchurian Club, UE Bizhub East (486015)

I missed the manchurian club and this is infact considered indian :). They offer the popular 'chinese food' customized for indian palette. The place is towards the hotel (from NTUC Fairprice, you can see Cheers - Shenton Clinic and - Manchurian Club) and not very crowded. Food is average for me but service is much better. You can have a spicy bite here during the upcoming rainy season :) **That's all for the time being and will explore and update if I come across any new places**

*** Thinking of putting in the map possible with some pictures. Time to plan my next trip :).

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