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Hello. I am Suzanne Muusers, Business Coach for Financial Advisors since 2004. I make marketing easy by giving you 4 sample marketing plans with 35 propsecting tactics and a 6 DAY E-COURSE to help you write your own plan.

I love giving my clients tons of great information!

So below I am giving you a Simple Marketing Plan Template. Your Marketing Plan should be PART of your Business Plan to develop long-term success..

I view Sales and Marketing as a sandwich.  Marketing should “butter up” your prospects so that your services are pre-sold. Your product or service is the “meat” in the middle of the sandwich.  It’s up to you to create the right Marketing Plan to position your product or service appropriately and encourage affluent prospects to eat the sandwich.

Marketing Plan Objectives:

• Use marketing to STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace 
• Position your firm so that it is DIFFERENT
• Showcase the BENEFITS your firm provides its target clients
• Channel a consistent flow of NEW AFFLUENT PROSPECTS into your firm - see additional resources below

In order to accomplish these objectives, you should become anExpert in Your Fieldand use your marketing to showcase your expertise. 

Benefits of a Marketing Plan:

  • Increase exposure, with clients and with prospects
  • Become recognized as an expert in a specific area
  • Create a flow of qualified prospects sailing in your direction
  • Take more risks, get out of your comfort zone (and out of the office), and grow your business

Step One

Create a Marketing Plan in a Word document that includes the following sections:

Marketing Plan for [firm name]

Target Market (Describe the affluent markets you will be targeting [up to 3]. Business owners, professionals, doctors, lawyers, divorced women, widowed women, expats, unmarried couples, young couples with children)

Value Proposition (Who we are; What we do; What makes us different; What your company provides affluent clients in terms of a benefit; investment philosophy to attract affluent clients)

Competition (Who are your top 5 competitors and what is their Value Proposition?)

Business Model (commission, fee-based, fee-only; why this model benefits clients)

Sample Elevator Speech (What are you passionate about? What makes you different?)

Marketing Goals (What are your goals for client acquisition, income; six months, twelve months)

Marketing Strategies (Astrategyis a plan or broad approach for how you will grow your company over time)

Marketing Tactics (Tactics are the ACTIONS you will take to implement your Strategies above. Each Strategy should have between 1-5 tactics. What marketing tactics will you implement over the next six to twelve months?)

Marketing Budget (How much will you spend on marketing? Hint – from 10-30% of revenue)

Marketing Calendar (Map out your marketing events for the entire year using a color-coded excel spreadsheet that lists tactics on the vertical axis and months on the horizontal axis. Make a column for budget and list your expected expenditures.)

Step Two

Select Marketing Tactics – What marketing tactics do you want to employ?  They should be varied and encompass areas that will carry out your strategies and promote your expertise. 

You'll get 4 sample Marketing Plans here:

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