Rehab Business Plan

The rehab business plan, if you're seeking private capital or a loan instead of grant money, will show a for-profit business model. Rehabilitation from addiction can make many forms, but drug and alcohol are the most common. Some facilities can handle both addition categories—and may even have counselors trained in other addictions like gambling, sex, etc.—but for the most part these facilities specialize in a specific segment of the population. If you plan to open an alcohol rehab facility, which is the most common type, you will require a business plan that outlines the revenue potential, describes the service suite, tries to assess the correlative expenses, and shows what the facility membership might look like at any given time. Answer: • Who is the most likely patient for your facility (age, income, etc.)? • What is the market need your rehab center fulfills? • What is the cost for treatment or an extended stay? • Can you point to past successes in this field? • Will you and/or your staff people have a medical background?

Whether you have trained psychologists on staff, medical nurses, or simply a compassionate care staff skilled in working with people in dire circumstances, you should have a personnel plan as part of your business plan's financial model. Explain what you will do with the seed capital you obtain (category by category spending analysis) and how it will benefit you as your company transitions into Year One of sales. The business plan should outline a marketing strategy that talks about how you will get patients into the rehab center, and you will also need a brief competitive comparison showing what centers are most similar to yours in the same general market. Need help writing the rehab business plan, or just have questions about the process? Call MasterPlans to hear about our industry-leading business plan writing services. (877) 453-2011.

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