Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization aims at enhancing the awareness of a product or business across Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg and StumbleUpon etc.Social networking sites are most popular amongst sites searched and used over the internet and hence it is inevitable for any business to ensure their presence on Social Media.

SMO helps a business get popular amongst millions of people using Social Networks. Apart from that, if someone leaves their website link somewhere on a social network page then the people using it may end up clicking on the website and if the website has something that the visitor needs, then it may lead to conversion thereby,generating more business/sales.

Most of the organizations today have a separate marketing/branding team for promotion of their products and services diverting their focus to Digital Marketing from traditional marketing methods.

Social Media Optimization also incorporates various other elements like social bookmarking sites, social news and RSS feeds apart from Social Networking sites. Social Media allows us to share events, videos and pictures etc. In addition, Social Media Optimization enables us to create a brand name.

Social Media Optimization is easier said than done.An organization has to be cautious about several points while promoting their brand/ business/ service over the internet specially while loading content as well as business ideas as sometimes it can also lead to identity theft, spamming, hacking and virus attacks.

Points to be Considered while doing SMO


Frequent Posts :

Frequently write new posts and keep the business page up to date. To be able to engage more customers who like to be involved and discuss about products/ services on social networking sites.

Quality Content :

Quality of content is the first and foremost factor in all the aspects of Digital Marketing. A Business can not think of success in digital marketing if it is missing on producing new content. A good content contains latest material, easy to understand language and proper headings. A Quality content also includes real facts and it should not have any grammatical errors. This will also facilitate in Trust Building and Search Engine Optimization.

Sharing & Tagging :

If possible, while doing SMO ,tagging should be encouraged and should also have buttons which allow people to further share any posts, facilitates Customer Engagement. At the end of the post asking for comment may also be a good choice.

Back linking :

Back linking is awesome. If one knows how to make an optimum use of back linking, it might be the best way to drive traffic on to their website. Therefore, while doing optimization on social media, one can insert links which takes the users to where a business would want them to go. Caution is again needed here as if it is overdone, it may lead to Negative Optimization.

Visual Effect :

Visual effect plays a very important role as customers have a tendency to view pictures and videos rather than reading the entire content. Even when we read news papers, we look at the pictures before reading the news associated with that picture. A business must add interesting and unique images and videos to attract visitors towards any post.

Target All Social Networks :

To ensure the best output, a business must share their post on all available social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, DIGG, StumbleUpon and Google+.

Business should focus on bite – sized content (Short and Crisp)

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