ADL 84 International Business Environment V1

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ADL 84 International Business Environment V1 Assignment – A Question 1. What factors should Indian Exporters consider in assessing demand for a product in foreign markets? How are they different from assessing domestic demand? Question 2. a. What are the specific advantages that a firm can derive by going “international”? Question 2. b. Why is the task of the international marketer more difficult that of the domestic marketer? Question 3. Describe the impact of foreign trade on the economic development of a country. Illustrate your answer with examples from India. Question 4. How would you proceed to shortlist possible markets for your products? Explain in detail. Also explain the various methods through which you can export your products. Question 5. What are the sources of commercial intelligence available to exporters in India? How far can a firm arrange for its own sources of commercial intelligence? Assignment – B Question 1. Critically examine the Japanese style of management and distinguish it from Indian style of Management. Also explain how their importance in International Negotiations by giving relevant examples. Question 2. Is international marketing research generally more complex task than Domestic marketing research? Discuss with reference to problems regarding collection, analysis and interpretation of data from foreign markets. Question 3. By giving the appropriate examples explain how Chinese, American and

Turkish Markets are different from each other.

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