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imagine.GO is an innovation agency focused on solving problems where health and consumerism converge.  We apply innovation to operations using  modelH  – a business model methodology designed for healthcare. We help organizations validate good ideas and get them to market fast. We also build Apps to make our solutions scale. Our work boils down to these 3 things.


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imagine.GO  has worked with many healthcare companies to bring product innovation to their core markets. Below are a few examples of how  model Hhas been successfully applied to help companies disrupt themselves, and ultimately the healthcare system. Click any link for details.

imagine.GO  can build your organization’s Innovation Ecosystem. Our expertise pairs deep healthcare expertise with the principles of human-centered design, disruptive innovation, and agile delivery.  We start with an Innovation Blueprint and then work to modernize your people, processes, and toolsets. Rely on us to transform your company as we have done for so many others.imagine.GO  provides Salesforce CRM implementation services.  We have developed a Salesforce testing application and delivery methodology (Decision Driven CRM Design). We have 15 years in applying the mechanics of CRM to health care companies. Having this domain knowledge ahead of time will reduce the project design time and increase the likelihood of implementation success.

imagine.GO  provides brand development services for startups and established companies.  We have developed comprehensive brand strategies for health care companies for over a decade. We will help you develop your brand’s Position, Promise, and Personality, and all of the brand assets that go with them. We will develop your unique brand story and the architecture that ensures you consistently appear in the market looking sharp.

Proper retail channel operations will drive competitiveness, value, and affordability. imagine.GO provides retail design, build, management, and “management-by-measurement” services for any retail channel. Our approach is based on the fundamentals of proper retail channel management and optimization applied specifically to evolving healthcare business models.

Digital is the face of your organization.  How your company connects to consumers, what they are saying about you in the market, and how easy it is to find and understand your products can all be judged in a matter of minutes. imagine.GO can audit your digital channels and help you address any design and execution flaws in your organization’s digital footprint, including your website, social media, and SEO/SEM practices.

The success of any program, product or service is determined by financial results. imagine.GO provides financial analysis services. Our analysis includes key financial indicators such as EBITDA, Gross Margin, break-even point, quantity critical point, security margin and Sales Costs Coefficients. This analysis allows companies to create an objective forecast of revenue, cost, churn management, and growth for any line of business.

For  imagine.GO , everything starts and ends with our award-winning modelH Healthcare Business Model Canvas. By being able to communicate your business model in clear, concise, and easy to understand terms, you increase the likelihood of successful value creation.  As a strategic management tool, our toolset can be utilized to design, describe, challenge, invent, and pivot a business model.

imagine.GO provides product design service for any health insurance line of business – On or Off Exchange, Group or Medicare Advantage.   We use various pricing devices, Copay/ Coinsurance, Deductible, Out-of-Pocket Expense, Network Size, and others, to come up with differentiation in the market and align to your care or population management programs.

In a managed margin business, you must find ways to add new sources of revenue without increasing the workload of your staff. imagine.GO provides exchange and benefits administration development services. Our approach includes industry best practices, benchmark comparisons, and launch planning for your public/private exchange marketplace.

A company’s value boils down to the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. Lack of attention to the decision-making process in your Go-to-Market Plan can thwart the best-designed business models and undermine performance in the organization that delivers them. imagine.GO provides full Go-to-Market services based on our modelH SAVE methodology. We will help you crush your product launch.

A company’s most valuable resource is its employees. With one-employer careers gone forever, your organization is striving to compete in a highly competitive, global economy. You need all of your employees feeling valued and moving in the same direction. imagine.GO provides training services focused on successful Sales, Innovation, Agile Development and Cultural Competency.

  • imagine.GO helped design and launch our e-commerce/rewards storefront product and our new Pathways product as well.  All in a couple of short months. I am impressed with his consistently outstanding speed and quality of work product. Gregg Michaelson CEO of Linkwell Health
  • imagine.GO are a bunch of dynamos!  May I just say how completely blown away we are with their insights, approach, and connections. They get it, fast! Their business model development process for healthcare technology (modelH) has propelled an initial idea into customer discovery meetings in record time. We went from the whiteboard to the boardroom of a major insurance plan with a viable business model in a matter of weeks.  We love working with imagine.GO and look forward collaborating with them closely on our future business development initiatives. Nathanial Findlay CEO of hellohealth
  • I wanted a way to evaluate new business models that understood and utilized our core competencies, but allowed us to bring new value to the market. Especially in “blue ocean” markets where we could grab market share and eventually dominance like we have in our core market. We used imagine.GO and the modelH method to design several pivots and exercise them across the organization for feedback. imagine.GO did a great job of not only designing the models but also making sure the criteria for understanding them – and adjusting them with the other business executives – was clear. Through this process we found a winner and were able to partner with a major health plan to bring it to market.  We also plan on using imagine.GO and modelH method to now launch our new business model. Gino Tenace Chief Strategy Officer of MedSolutions

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