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Interlan Financial/Interlan Charitable Foundation/Quid Corp/WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES are scam companies that lie and mislead clients telling them they are eligible and qualify for thousands and thousands of grant funding and they want you to pay a retainer fee UPFRONT. No one has ever been funded and all the posts on the internet are employees lying saying they are client that have been funded. My name is Stephanie Weston and I am a former employee of Quid Corp &. WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES I worked for Quid Corp for several months. I have read all the blogs and I am sorry to inform you that to my knowledge and all the research I have done, they are all TRUE. I left Quid Corp and WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES when I discovered it was a fraudulent company that misleads clients. I also discovered and have proof of their affiliation with other fraud companies of which I am willing to testify in a court of law! I have been accused of beingthe blogger named “whistleblower.” That is also a lie, I am not disgruntled. It is simple I worked for a company that was a scam and quit. WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES IS A SCAM. The company is a shelf corporation and has NOT been in business for 3 years and they have NOT helped thousands of businesses get millions upon millions of grant funding (what a joke). This company and many employees are the same group of people who ran Corporate Capitol amongst MANY other companies that have closed due to the simple fact it was in fact was a scam and a fraud company. .. As far as alias names goes, all the people who worked at the previous scam companies use alias names and all the NEW people such as myself all used our REAL names because we were naive and did not even know any better. Employees who were paid to scam people are as much of a victim as the people who were sold. If you would like to participate in a class action law suit and would like contacts to the proper authorities here in Nevada so you make take legal recourse for being scammed or if you were paid to scam please contact me atStephanie.f.weston@gmail.com This company, Interlan Financial, WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES and InterlanCharitable Foundation are scams, as well as all the previous companies they were affiliated with. I am sure many current employees will come on to this post and call me everything under the sun and lie. I was one of their top salesrepresentatives, I think I was 8th to be exact. I thought the company was realwhen I started and once I discovered it was a scam I quickly gave my notice. Ialso have many names and numbers of clients who will be willing to speak withyou as they can tell you their experience first hand. I can also give you names and numbers of previous employees who have worked for Corporate Capital and Quid Corp, WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES and tell you the transition from company to company. All the blogs are true and Compass National is where many previous Quid Corp employees are now. So if you are looking for the person who scammed you, they either quit, still work their (might have a new alias name) or work for CompassNational or another scam company SUCH AS WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES. So as far as STEPHANIE WESTON being the blogger and hiding behind some yahooemail address, I am here to tell you, I have NO REASON to hide, no reason tolie and have NO PROBLEM POSTING MY NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION!

So if the past employees of Quid Corp and Compass National or current employees at Interlan Charitable Foundation and Interlan Financial Corporation or Wellington Business Ventures want to post and lie, I caution you I will take legal action for slander and defamation of character! I am more than happy to provide, forward any and all information that I have to prove that blog claims are not FALSE and I have submitted this very same information to the proper authorities and legal actionI assure is coming, I am happy to provide the name and number of the authorities, legal authorities involved. I am also happy to provide clients that werescammed and ripped of from all companies. . .WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES IS NOT IN UTAH, THEY ARE IN LAS VEGAS, NV. WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES HAS NOT BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE 2009, WELLINGTON BUSINESS VENTURES BEGAN BUSINESS IN APRIL OF 2012.

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