GlobeNet Financial Group is a highly respected independent financial firm, renowned for dedicated one-to-one customer service, backed by industry-leading research techniques and disciplined investment strategies

GlobeNet Financial Group is an international investment services company with a focus on providing investment trading services and wealth planning solutions to private clients, local and multinational businesses and financial institutions around the world. We work with discerning investors to help share in the growth of our company and experience superior returns on investment in order to realise their financial goals.

GlobeNet Financial Group was founded in 1998 as Global Investment Advisory Network. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we work to uncover emerging and developing market trends and investment opportunities and offer specialist client-focused advice and solutions for our wide customer base. In 2013 we became GlobeNet Financial Group and in 2015 we merged with another Hong Kong based firm, Dragon Group Investments.

Over time we have built up a network of associate partners, offering clients access to new market opportunities from around the world. We are ideally placed to advise clients on a range of financial matters in Hong Kong and beyond, with particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific, American and European markets.

Our dedicated teams are specialists in their chosen fields and many are widely recognised as leading experts by both our clients and the wider industry. Our established network of associate partners globally helps serve both local and international clients on a wide variety of financial transactions, investment opportunities and related wealth planning solutions with confidence.

Through 18 years of trading and operational experience, GlobeNet Financial Group has grown to become one of the most respected independent boutique financial firms in East Asia. Having been involved in the design and management of fully diversified bespoke portfolios which provide healthy returns for the vast majority of our clients, we are renowned for our dedicated one-to-one customer service operations, our leading research techniques and supply of relevant market information and our disciplined investment strategies, providing clients with a unique tailored service that understands and respects each individual client's financial objectives.

On top of providing financial services, GlobeNet Financial Group is committed to its corporate responsibility and we work to support community and charitable organisations through company donations, sponsorships, dedicated pay-roll giving and the offering of our team's skills and expertise to help charitable organisations expand the services they offer the local community. We are firm believers that sustainable practice and meaningful community engagement benefits the firm's stakeholders and helps create a stronger local community.

We encourage you to discover more about GlobeNet Financial Group’s investment strategies and focus, and to learn more of our history. We are confident that we can assist you to realise your financial ambitions and we look forward to having the opportunity to discuss, in more detail, how we can help you.

GlobeNet Financial Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 on the vision of its founding fathers, Aaron Choo and Jonathan Williamson, who retain a stake in the day-to-day management of the company.

We provide unique investment opportunities and offers specialist client-focused advice and solutions to our discerning customer base. We actively seek out opportunities for investment in emerging and developing companies.

We operate a fully transparent service and offer impartial advice in an open manner. In today’s climate it is more important than ever that clients have a full understanding of how we operate, our fees and your liabilities.

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