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An instant electronic money transfer service available at all Post offices country wide. Transmission charges are affordable and payee is promptly paid.

The procedure: At the Post office counter, the sender will be provided with a form by a counter officer. The form requires the sender to fill in particulars.

The filled form will be given back to the counter officer who will enter the particulars in the computer which will produce a secret code number that will be given to the sender.

The sender is required to communicate the code number to the payee by any means. The code number will be one of the required identity information for the paying Post office to facilitate payment.

As soon as the payee receives the secret code he/she should visit the paying Post office with his/her identity card for payment, the money will be paid without delay.(Click here to see fee table).

Interstate Money Orders

An electronic system has been introduced for Inter-regional money transfer service within Africa and rest of the world. At the moment we can do money Itransfers with Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Comoro. Amounts up to 1,000.USD may be sent or received among any of these countries. Interstate Money Orders are reliable, fast, and convenient! Contact the nearest Postmaster for more details ( see fee table).

Express Money orders

The fastest and most convenient way to transfer funds within Tanzania is by Express Money Order. You can write an Express Money Order for the exact amount of your bills, fees, and tuition or simply transfer funds to a family member or friend. Available throughout the 200-office TPC system, Express Money Orders are one of the safest and most reliable solutions to your money-transfer needs!. At no additional cost to our customers, TPC also provides confirmation that the Express Money Order has been received by the party to whom it was sent. Another way in which TPC puts its customers ( see fee table). TPC has introduced a new special service for Candidates preparing to sit for examinations conducted by National Examinations Council. They can pay examinations fees at any  Post office's counter. (see fee table)

Postal Orders

Postal Orders are available at all Post Offices throughout Tanzania. Efficient and economical, pre-printed Postal Orders can also be used as travelers' cheques that will be accepted everywhere! Postal Orders are available for a very low fee, and can be cashed at any bank or Post Office. Whether for school fees, spending money for students or travelers, payment of fixed-price bills or other remittances, Postal Orders are TPC's perfect solution! (Click here to see fee table)

Tanzania Posts Corporation offers a wide range of financial services to its customers for their convenience. Services vary by location, so please telephone ahead to make certain that your needs can be met at the post office closest to you!

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