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Below is some information about a low cost business opportunity in the communication field.  It is a sponsored post, check it out by visiting the link below.

FredRita Communications, Inc. in Renton is  looking for investor/owners to purchase distribution rights to sell DistantLink  Video Conferencing Service to Funeral Homes in Washington  State. 

DistantLink  provides a cost effective way to unite friends and family from anywhere in the  world for a funeral. With our patent pending 2-Way Live Video conferencing  system (no other company offers this to funeral homes) we are able to help  people attend the funeral by simply opening an email and clicking on a link we  provide. No software downloads like Skype or expensive satellite equipment like  Cisco. This is truly a ground floor opportunity to own your own business and  provide a much needed service to the community.

DistantLink  has been available to Funeral Homes in Canada since 2009. With success in  Canada, DistantLink has branched out and started selling their service in the  U.S. in 2013. FredRita Communications owns the Master Dealer rights for the  State of Washington.

In the  interest of accelerating business development, FredRita Communications is asking  for a very reasonable investment of $6,500. This investment includes the rights  to sell DistantLink Mobile Video Conferencing to an exclusive Washington State  territory, DistantLink Conferencing Equipment Kiosk, Training and Support from  the home office of DistantLink, a Marketing starter kit and sales leads from  advertising.
The ideal candidate will have computer aptitude,  business background and experience selling to  businesses.

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