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Only good for figuring out annul payThe graphs, they don't work. Taxes information, you gotta pay. Weekly and Monthly Averages, don't show up. Really, the only thing this app is good for is keeping track of how much total you made so far in regular pay and tips. Don't expect to sort it by week or month. That being said, I do still use it for the basic functions. It's simple. I would think about upgrading if other basic functions worked. But seeing as it mostly doesn't, I wouldnt waste my money.

Christian D July 22, 2016

Hey Brittany, Please email us at with the device that you have ClockIt installed on and any screenshots depicting the errors you're experiencing, we'll figure out why you're not being able to enjoy all the features it provides. Thanks, Christian4.75It works fine, I wish there was a preset option so that beginning and ending pay periods are always ready. I believe it will work to help track most of my hours but not as accurately as I prefer. Cannot get FICA to estimate correctly, it only deducts like a dollar and the boss deducts $8. Otherwise no problems.

Christian D July 22, 2016

Hey Victor, We're working on adding that functionality for our newest version coming out soon. We didn't have that initially due to rolling pay periods. Thanks, ChristianNice appI really like the app as I had trouble finding one that would calculate everything for me & provide a calendar. Most didn't have a calendar so you would need 2 apps. If the app had a 12 hr clock as an option instead of just a 24 hr clock I would give it a much higher rating. I'm usually too tired at the end of my shifts to convert it to real time. Hope to see this feature in an update & then I will give a better rating

Christian D July 22, 2016

Hey Colby, We'll be adding this feature in our next version, thank you very much for you input. ChristianSteals your money! Do not buy in app purchase!Company has not emailed me back. I paid 4 dollars in the "in-app" purchase and all it did was remove the ads. Not what came in the pictures promoting the app. Highly frustrated. Will not change rating until helped

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