MAC is Here!

can easily sign up for direct deposit and reduce or eliminate high check cashing fees.


can sign themselves up and their young adults age 16 and older.


will enjoy using MAC to budget every day expenses and avoid overspending.

have the ability to sign up for their own account or a companion card.


can deposit excess financial aid funding and paychecks – plus parents add money from their MAC or U.S. bank account.

enroll your children, age 16 and older and teach them financial responsibility with a companion card.


have a safe place to put aside money for that special purchase.

No credit check No bank account required No overdraft fees

No more lost or stolen checks

Use your MAC everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Make everyday purchases in stores and online without worry or additional fees. fees.

Add to your balance

Choose direct deposit to automatically load all or part of your paycheck, government disbursement, or tax refund. You can also transfer funds from your U.S. bank account or or load cash from thousands of locations that sell Green Dot products. MoneyPak®. 1

Withdraw cash

Withdraw cash at over 1 million ATMs worldwide, get cash back with purchases at participating merchants, or withdraw cash from member banks and credit unions displaying the Visa brand.

Get the benefits of a bank account without the hassle of checks, minimum balances, or overdraft fees.

Monitor activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Login from any device with Internet connection to view your balances and purchase history. On the go?! No problem, sign up for mobile alerts1 –all at no charge.

Budget finances

Limit spending by adding only the money you need for items like groceries, eating out, or paying bills.
Teach young adults smart spending by loading a MAC card with allowances or college spending money.

You can pay utility bills, car payments, cell phone bills or any other bill with your MAC. Pay them online, over the phone, at payment centers - everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Reduce or eliminate fees

Save on check cashing fees when you sign up for direct deposit of all or part of your pay check. Pay bills with MAC and save on money order fees.

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