iPAS 3D Wealth Discovery Review: Ugh. These Fools Again.

What Is It?

iPAS is an exclusive group that trains you how to sell subscriptions to Empower Network. I have a very, very low opinion of Empower Network, and highly recommend you stay away from this company. However, the video presentation of iPAS was pretty honest, so I can't say too much negative about it.

Short Review:

Read my review of Empower Network to get the full picture why I recommend you do not get involved in this MLM pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, Chris Jones is misleads you to think that you make 100% commissions, which is definitely NOT true. Regardless of what type of training and support is offered in iPAS or the Prosperity Team, this is not something you want to purchase.

Notice: I have not joined the team, so there may be other things offered “inside” that I don't mention in this review. Regardless, I cannot recommend it for reasons I feel are made clear in this review.

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Before You Buy:

It sounds awesome……..

A new marketing strategy! He's breaking all the rules! He's got 3 super secret formulas that are going to change your life forever!

100% commissions!

Thousands of dollars per week!

They do the selling for you!

You don't need a website, skills, or experience!

Sound to good to be true? Yeah, it is.

What I liked:

There are some things to like about the presentation Chris Jones gives for iPAS. The idea behind whatever it is that they offer is that with community, support, and mentorship, you will success in whatever you do.

This is totally true. In fact, I have no doubt that you can make money by doing this. But I can also make money collecting cardboard from my neighbors trash can. Just because you can make money doing something or “it works” doesn't mean it's ethical or a solid business plan.

He also talks about “momentum”, which I have found to be true. Any path to success starts very slowly, but as you collect small successes, they quickly snowball into bigger and bigger successes. This is especially true when you sell recurring subscriptions. A few sales a week quickly add up to decent-sized payouts.

He is also very honest about his affiliation with Empower Network, and the benefits of joining with him as your mentor. This is in stark contrast to groups like the Prosperity Team which do not tell you what you are buying before you actually buy.

What I didn't Like:

Let's get this 100% commission thing out of the way because it's the dumbest, most deceptive marketing ploy out there today . Do you really think that any company can survive by paying you 100% of what you earn? Does that even make sense? There's definitely a catch.

You get 100% of SOME commissions. You “Pass Up” your 2nd, 4th, and 6th commission. This means that you do NOT get those sales. so if you make 6 sales of $25, you get sales 1, 3, and 5. You give away the others to your sponsor. So you are making 50% of what you sell, not 100%.

After 6 sales, you continue to give away every 5th commission, so 11, 16, 21, and so on. This increases what you make, but the my point still stands.

And it gets worse.

It's not just those sales. It's all of the sales that those people produce.

On your pass-ups, their pass-ups will go to the sponsor too! So if you are following me, let's say you refer Bob as you #1 sale. You get $25. If Bob makes 2 sales, you get his 2nd sale. You get $25 even though Bob makes a sale.

But if Jane is your #2 sale, and Jane then makes 6 sales. You get nothing. Your sponsor gets Jane's #2, #4, and #6 sale. You get nothing.

I have no idea what percentage this works out to, but again. YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING 100% COMMISSIONS.

Also, it's ridiculous that he accuses companies of being greedy for not paying 100% What planet is he on where it's a company's job to pay their sales people 100% of the profits they make? LOL. And while I'm on the topic of ridiculous statements, I was very unimpressed with his rhetoric about the economy and how many people have lost their jobs. He is just trying to pull your heart strings. It's a marketing trick.

I also disagree with his comparison of EN to Apple, MLM people constantly try to legitimize their “systems” as legitimate businesses. People want to buy iPhones and iPads because they are useful. People want to buy EN blogs because they want to sell EN blogs. Empower Network's products are not useful for people that want to build their own website and create an online business. They are only useful for people that want to sell more EN subscriptions.

Just a few more points I want to note that I disliked about iPAS or 3D Wealth Discovery or whatever it's called.

  • Empower Network is not ranked 281st website in the world. These numbers are recorded by a flawed ranking system called Alexa.
  • I suspect his “traffic sources” are traffic exchanges or blog networks. These can seriously damage your website, are known for low quality clicks (no sales), and I recommend you stay away from them.
  • Though I though Chris Jones' video was very honest, EN engages in high pressure sales tactics and deceptive marketing methods
  • The testimonials you are viewing are not for iPAS. They are for EN. Notice how they never say a product name? They only say “this system”. And are you sure that these people are being honest?

Final Review

Remember that your payments will not stop with the $25 fee. To purchase all of the products available and get credit for all sales that your downline makes, you will spend over $5000. Why would you spend $5k to sell something as sketchy as Empower Network? Even if you like MLM, at least choose something with some decent products.

What Now?

You can create a website about something you care about. Sports, crafts, hobbies, tech, cooking, health, and anything you can think of. You can make money from this website by promoting products from Amazon or other companies online. This is what I do to make money, and you can learn how to do it in my free email course.

You can also take a look at my review of the online business training center where I learned how to build my first profitable website. I offer 1-on-1 support for newbies, and there's a whole community of people there that want to see your business succeed!

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