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Verizon Small Business: Tad's Story

I was introduced to the law at a very young age - it's the family business. My father was an attorney. My sister and my cousin are attorneys. I even managed to rope my wife into it - she's the general manager of our office.

What I love about my job and what keeps me going is being part of the solution. Every day, all day, I deal with problems.

And some people might look at that as a negative, but what keeps me ticking is figuring out the best way to take what could be a bad situation and making it a little better.

The challenge

As a defense lawyer, I have to be available to multiple people, through multiple channels, 24/7. Problems don't sleep. If I get a call, a text or even an email at 3 AM I gotta get moving fast and smart in a small business like mine, efficiency matters.

But it's more than just having a reliable and secure connection to the outside world. I've also got to be in lock-step with my office. I might be in 4 different courthouses in any one afternoon. If a meeting gets pushed or a judge needs something, I've got to be able to access everything the office can and react on the move.

Tad and his wife take a break outside his office.

The solution

My office needed to be able to manage incoming clients, data, documents, complicated schedules and court reports, and it was tough to find ways to handle new business with a limited staff. We needed a solution that would create greater efficiency without necessarily increasing overhead.

My wife, Anne, who runs our day-to-day operations, was in charge of finding us a network provider. We already had Verizon phone at the office, so she decided to give Verizon Small Business Solutions a shot and ultimately, I think it's ended up making both of our lives easier.

It's fast, reliable technology that's really leveled the playing field and allowed small businesses like mine to compete at a higher level.

And from Anne's end, our company gets great value through the Verizon Small Biz Rewards program. We've already redeemed points for dinners, trips, entertainment you name it. In fact, we've had such a great experience with Verizon for our business, we went ahead and got Fios at home too.

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